Monday, August 21, 2006

First the 30-34 Age Group. Next the WORLD!

Man, work was busy today. I was busy doing busy work like compiling documents to fed ex and typing certified mail certificates. These are the times I wish I worked at a big law firm so I could delegate this crap to my secretary and then take out my frustrations on her by screaming at her for not putting a comma in the right place instead of having to overuse the correction tape on the typewriter when I do it all myself. No, actually, if I worked in a big law firm the secretaries would all be my friends and I would hate all the other lawyers because most big firm lawyers are annoying as shit and have egos the size of alaska to accomodate their shortcomings in the personality department among other things. Nah. I'll use the typewriter myself and not have to deal with those turds. Oh, and I'll gladly do this and skip the whole 100 hour work weeks too, thank you very much.

Yeah, but things are getting kind of exciting. I have to go to a bland midwestern state capital to argue before its department of revenue next week. It is my very first business trip and my very first case and I am very excited about it. I get to dress up in my suit and talk with my edjumacated girl accent and pretend like I know what I'm talking about--which I do but it's funny to think of me as a little dirty tom-boyish raggamuffin child all grown up wearing suits and arguing before a department of revenue. It seems like just yesterday I was bemoaning my velveeta and ketchup sandwich and thermos full of water in the grade school cafeteria and now look at me. I wear suits and eat real cheese! I've certainly moved up in the world.

Speaking of getting a leg up, let's talk about running, shall we? I always assume that all my non-running friends must find running talk incredibly boring. I might as well talk about stamp collecting or my favorite episode of Sanford and Son to y'all, I know. But bear with me, please. I swear running holds the keys to happiness and one day I will become articulate enough to prove it. Anyway, let me just take this moment to brag that mrp and I each won our respective age group yesterday for that 10-mile race we ran. He was the boy 30-34 champ and I was the girl 30-34 champ (does anyone else find it scary that I refer to us as girl and boy and our real disgustingly elderly ages in the same breath?) Of course he ran WAY better than me even given the gender handicap, but it felt really good to be able to share in the cheesy community road race honors like that. And now we have matching giant commemorative award-winner mugs. Cheers to that!

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