Thursday, August 17, 2006

Loved Legs and Unloved Lungs

Woo. My legs are sleepy. Not pins and needles sleepy. Just tuckered out from lots of running and not enough actual REM sleeping. I ran my first 20 miler on Sunday and I'm cruising toward the end of my first 60 mile week. Luckily the rest of the week is filled with short easy runs of 8 and 6 miles respectively so my legs can rest up. They must because they will be in demand on Sunday as I attempt to race 10 miles. If I wasn't in the midst of marathon training I think I could do pretty well and I am going to try like the dickens to meet my time goal. I'm not making any pre-excuse-needing excuses, but I realize it will be more difficult to meet my goals since I've worked my lower limbs quite a bit lately. Oh, and my lung is all f-ed up. That tends not to help. But generally the running is going well and I'm having a blast doing it. Lately I've been thinking about how fun it is and how much I love it and usually can't wait to get out there and go go go. Even at the track I catch myself smiling and telling myself that this is what it's all about so don't even think of backing off--get going, self, and make your time goal. So actually, this sleepy leg feeling feels pretty darn good.

But getting back to my lung, it has been acting up the last few days. I think it might be a hydration issue. I hope so. I hope I am not aggravating with my aggressive athletic behavior. I ran at lunch today so I am going to go home early and take it easy and maybe go to sleep at like 10 and get 8 hours for a change. That would be nice. I look forward to not having to feel like I have to hold my guts in when I laugh or wince an agonizing wince when I get out of the car.

Yeah, this post is boring. Sorry. I am in the midst of doing something I actually like to do at work so I really haven't spent the entire day reflecting on myself. Just half the day.

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