Friday, September 29, 2006

June Cleaver, I Am Not.

It's Friday around 4:00. That means it's nap time but they won't let me do that here. Damn, I get so sleepy by Friday. I feel all lethargic and lead headed and bodied. Plus, I'm tapering and turning into a lazy lard ass. It's nice not to have to cram in a run at lunch and be worried I'm making a bad impression because I'm taking such a long lunch. But at the same time I kind of like the lunch time cram run. I just like to run and I miss it and I haven't even started the real light taper yet. Oh well, I get to cram one in tomorrow!

I'm not exactly sure why but my nesty feelings have come roaring back all of a sudden. Just the last couple of days and all I can think about is trying new recipes for mrp to taste and cuddling in bed and even, um ... babies. Maybe it's because it's starting to get cold out. I catch myself thinking of June Cleaverish notions of wifeyhood and mommyhood and it makes me happy. It's funny because as cynical and bristly and "tough" as I can be I am really just a 50's housewife underneath it all I think. I should check that. I don't like June Cleaver because she's too uptight. I would enjoy a cocktail with my Ward rather than just serve him one. I'd give my Beav a squeezy cuddle and a kiss on the cheek along with the milk and cookies. And, folks, I'm sorry to say, but the chrome in my house just could never sparkle as much as hers and my Ward might not always be able to find his slippers or his pipe. Oh, and I have a soul.

What else... Oh yeah, I had a nice conference call lunch with some NYU Tax friends. It was so nice to touch base and get back in touch with that part of myself. Since I was in a funk most of the summer I wasn't very good at keeping in touch with my social side. Now that I'm feeling better I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my friends.

Oh, I got the running outfit yesterday. I like it but I just have to get used to it, I think. I also have to try it on sometime not after I ate a giant burrito and 9 million tortilla chips to really know whether it doesn't make me feel like a heiffer. Circular I know, but I miss running today!

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