Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Have Ourselves a Salty One

Oh so much to write about, all of it mundane.

My doctor wants to put me on Cipro. I asked her for a nontendon-busting-digestive-system-f*cking alternative and she said there was none. I told her to shut the 'f' up and take it her goddammed self. Actually, I just said I'll think about it and proceeded to be irritated and never call her back. I feel fine. I'm not messing with my flora or my tendons.

What else. Oh yes. I bought myself a new running outfit for my race. I know it's cheesy but it made me happy and all my old running clothes are chaffy and funky and needed it anyway. We'll see if it looks good when I get it. If not, I will be wearing an old funky chaffy outfit instead.

Oh and I've also made an executive decision on my marathon strategy which I have thought entirely too much about. I will be going out with the intent of running even splits on pace for a 3:25. Maybe it will hurt and maybe I'll learn some lesson and crash and burn and eat my pride bla bla bla, but I know I am capable on a good day so why not go for it. All the running crystal balls say based on previous races that I could run a 3:20 or a little faster but I'm not so dumb to go and do that right off the bat, but why not keep the goal challenging. Maybe I'll fall off pace, but I'll have a big cushion to still come in in a respectable time. I know the risks and the benefits. I know myself. I think this is what I need to do for me and I'm doing it. This makes me happy and proud of myself for making an informed and intelligent decision. Is it the right one? We'll find out in a little under 3 weeks!

And work is a pile of doo. I am currently supervising (and mostly doing myself) a project involving printing 10,000 pages of dumb. This is what $160,000 in education gets you, folks. On the other hand, I am taking a leading role in negotiating stuff both within the company and without. I have to deal personally with "important" people and try to get them to see things my way. It's mostly fun and sometimes like beating my head against the wall. My interpersonal skills, once on the verge of pathetically underdeveloped, are almost up to age level.

Hmmm. I am killing time if you can't tell. Mrp and I have a date to finish working on my rental house but he got tied up with some work bs and I have had it with my work bs so I am just bsing here instead. Can you believe we're almost done double-handedly doing the entire project ourselves (with the help of some donated gorilla glue--that shit is amazing!) We replaced a ceramic tile bathroom floor with a new ceramic tile bathroom floor, calked the entire bathroom, removed and reinstalled the nastiest toilet (complete with "wood" seat) known to mankind, fixed floor boards, put in a washer and dryer and accompanying vent, cleaned the hell out of the place, and even screwed on a new mail box as a nice finishing touch. We just have to do a little more caulking, a little touch up painting and we'll be done! I give the keys to the new tenants on Thursday. I can't wait for this to be done and for us to be able to focus on, well, us!

Well, I suppose that's enough. I have nothing left to say that won't put you to sleep if you're still awake now. Anyway, take care out there. I'll be back when the going gets boring soon.

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