Friday, October 20, 2006

A Serious Guide for the Casual Runner

Today's marathon picture is white shorts guy. This picture does not do him justice. You must picture him from the rear and remember that out of low-res picture land these shorts are transparent. In fact, I know he was wearing a blue thong. I'll never forget his "you go girl" around mile 21. What a belycraed sweetheart!

In other news, I was invited to run with that--i don't know--guy that is running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. He was in Cleveland this morning. I wanted to do it, but I forgot my shoes at home. It's for the best. I was supposed to rest until Sunday anyway. Plus, I have a lot to do to get my work ready for my week out of the office.

I'm getting really excited about training again though. If I'm running a marathon in the spring it will definitely be Boston. I'm still figuring out what race goals I have for Boston and my tune-up races. Right now I'm thinking I'd like to go for a 3:18 in Boston. That would be 20 seconds per mile faster than my time in Columbus. I think I ran a very conservative race and could have run it faster. I don't mean that in a regretful way at all. I tactically chose to run a conservative race and I'm very glad I did it. The purpose of Columbus was to get a solid and positive marathon performance under my belt and I did just that. However, that being said, I know physically I am capable of running a faster marathon at my present fitness level and I am sure I could run a considerably faster marathon with 6 more months of training. Will I? Maybe, maybe not. We shall see.

As for tune-up races, there's a 5 mile race on Thanksgiving here. I'm not sure how speedy I am, but I'd like to run it in under 34 minutes. That would be about a 12 second per mile improvement over the last one I ran in July. I think it's doable for me, I'm just not sure if I can be in speedy shape within 1 month. I'm going to run a 5 mile cross country race in a couple of weeks but that's more for fun and the t-shirt than to achieve a goal time. I'm not going to sweat my time in that one. Other than those 5 milers, I'd like to run another half-marathon before Boston, but there aren't a whole lot of them around northeast ohio. Mrp said there's a 10 miler in Toledo and I know of a 15 miler in Columbus and both of these are in January I think. For a 10-miler I'd like to go under 1:10 and I think that's also doable for me. That would be a 10 second per mile improvement over my race in August. If I run a 1/2, I'd like to run it in under 1:33. That would be an 11 second per mile improvement over my race in early September.

It's funny. Sometimes I read my posts about running and they sound so serious. But really it's just a hobby. Sometimes I think it's a silly hobby and possibly not becoming of a 31 year old woman. I feel a little selfish or perhaps even sad sometimes that I do this rather than other things more typical of my female counterparts--mainly mothering. I hope that one day soon I can do both. That would be really nice.

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