Thursday, October 12, 2006

Storing Brain Cells for the Winter

I have nothing profound for you today. Not even arguably profound or something that I think is profound that is really the most obvious point ever made. Nope. I have nothing deep.

Today my thoughts are pretty much limited to the following. I am psyched that I found green stretchy gloves that match my marathon outfit at the dollar store. Mrp has to be the cutest dude who has ever walked the earth. Hmmm. What should I make for dinner tonight? I hope my stomach isn't all wacko during the marathon. Damn. It's cold. When am I going to squeeze in my run tomorrow? Uh oh. Tommorrow's Friday the thirteenth.

But you know, being a little shallow from time to time might be a good thing. Sometimes my workaholic introspective mind needs a break.

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