Friday, October 06, 2006

What a Cuddle Can Do

Oh my god! It's only 1:30!!! What am I going to do for 3.5 hours?!?! Not work! I am stir-crazy and want to go out and have fun right now!!!!

I just got back from a short jaunt around downtown Cleveland. It is the most gorgeous day here today. It is a brisk 58 degrees and the sun is ashining! Ooo, is it ever. I just felt so happy to be out there walking by myself and enjoying the wonderful day. On my elevator ride downstairs I remembered how much I missed cheesy Cleveland decorum when I was in NYC. I used to think it was gross but now I see something charming in the quaint custom of allowing "ladies" off the elevator first. All the bloated besportshirted office guys move to the side and allow us perceived female humans off the elevator first. I always wonder how they would treat an obvious post-op transexual. To be honest, this is Cleveland and they're so oblivious to stuff like that they probably wouldn't even realize an obvious transexual was an obvious transexual. But the point is, I have come to appreciate this "courtesy" and expect it. Plus, it's nice to count on when I'm in a hurry!

Yesterday I decided to institute phase one of project make cats behave. I bought a sisal scratching post, 2 cat nip toys, an alpine scratcher, and a cat dancer. I brought them in the OHOOD and set them up and played with the doods while dinner cooked. Then after dinner Fort tried to jump on mrp's lap as he read the thermostat manual (riveting!) Mrp freaked and said "you're cat just tried to jump on my lap!" The nerve of that cat trying to get a little love! Anyway, I took Fort's cue and I sat on the other chair in the living room and brought him with me. His motor was ahumming and he snuggled up something fierce for about 10 minutes. Seemingly sated he stretched out his front paws and hit the carpet headed back to the cat nip covered sisal to roll around in over-stimulated glory. Last night he slept the entire time in his own little bed on the floor and there hasn't been a single scratch on the pleather chair in at least 24 hours.

And I slept like a baby for the first time in months.

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