Thursday, November 02, 2006

And No One Can Stop Me!

Hey there. Guess what. It's the morning. Aren't I a wild woman mixing it up over here posting in the morning rather than the afternoon. C-R-A-Z-Y, I tell you!

I am posting because I am giddy that I don't have to write that brief and my legs feel pretty darn good this morning (oh and I just finished guzzling a venti Starbucks coffee). I am going to run at lunch and I'm actually excited and not dreading the inevitable ick feeling of running on ick legs. Don't get me wrong. There's no way my legs are miraculously healed. It surely won't be a particularly comfortable run today but I have a feeling it will be better than the last couple. I am going to run outside in the cold too which will provide a numbing effect so if I beat the hell out of my legs I won't even notice! Heh. Ok, that's a joke.

Running outside will be nice though, fo' real. I have to say the treadmill sucks all kinds of ass. I think it might have actually exacerbated my problems. For one, I tend to run a little faster on treadmills than I should. And two, I run differently on the treadmill. And three, mrp insists there's some weird law that the treadmill is like a trampoline and pushes back every time you step making every stop worse than if you ran on concrete. I don't know if I buy that totally, but I think the change in running form is really the biggest problem with hamster wheel running. Also, it's boring and confining and awkward to have people you work with milling around while you have headphones on and can't hear them and also are in skimpy shorts with your ass cheeks on the verge of exposing themselves and your boobs potentially bouncing up and down (if you had any to speak of). The sad fact is that in a month or two I will have to run on the deathmill for at least a large chunk of my runs because of darkness and ice and stuff so why do it now when I don't have to. Plus, I ran on the moving belt from hell only twice in the past 7 months so I am probably doing myself no favors by running on it a lot before easing my body back into that kind of running. So dammit, I'm running outside today!

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