Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boston Baby

I took the plunge and registered for the Boston marathon today. After much hemming and hawing and reading crap about it online I decided it's something I want to do and now's the time to do it. I might never have another chance, you know. The main drawback to it is that it's freaking expensive. After I pay $100 just for the entry fee I'll have to pay at least $500 for a hotel and book a flight and take time off of work, etc. etc. etc. This is easily a $1500 endeavor for 2 days of fun! But a small price to pay for the experience, the war stories, to bask in runnerdom with other runners. I used to think this kind of thing was so cheesy. It is. Ok. It is a bunch of overprivileged people with too much time on their hands but I suppose I too am one of those people. I'm a socially awkward white person who wears a digital watch and sweat socks and lots of clothing made out of coolmax who has way too much education and a moderately high salary so why can't I unabashedly join my people for a big party like that?! I'm doing it and I'm going to love every second of it!

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Petra Long said...

you are welcome to stay with my family if you want to, they have plenty of room. also, my brother in law runs it every year so you would have company and people to eat pasta with!