Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bucking up... At Least Trying to

I have stuff to make pancakes this weekend and Joe Dirt (don't ask) to watch and hopefully letters to discuss and impromptu cuddling and stuff like that. I can catch up on stuff this weekend like getting that hair cut and getting a file for my paperwork and going to my mom's to sort through all my stuff (not that that's all appealing or anything but it needs to get done and I'll feel better after I do it). I can put photos in a photo album and consolidate all my sentimental stuff which will make me happy. I can get in a good run tomorrow and Saturday morning and then run with the running club on Sunday. The running club will be a new thing and it might be nice to run with others and maybe those others might be nice too. And I can catch up on my novel and sleep in. I ate my breakfast and look at me... I'm almost optimistic!

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