Thursday, November 09, 2006


I feel blah today. I am really tired. It has been a busy week at work with lunch time meetings three out of five days. I have become accustomed to having that time to do as I please and not having it for the majority of the week stinks. On top of that the weather has been so relatively nice all week and I don't feel like I've been able to enjoy it since I've more or less been cooped up in here during daylight hours. Today I have to go to a 4 hour webcast on pension plans from noon until 4. I suppose given that sentence I have no further need to explain my blah. On top of all this next week I have a thing after work to go to, more or less for work, and a therapist appointment at 8:30 and I need a haircut and I'm tired and my cats won't behave 24 hours a day and I have nothing fun planned and I just feel icky.

I'm whining, but sometimes I just feel blah and want someone to sympathize and hug me and let me know it's ok to feel this way today because I'll feel better tomorrow.

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