Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Am More Than One Leg

I'm really annoyed that my legs don't feel better. I am trying to get a hold of my doctor to get a referral to a sports chiropractor. I figure since the same thing keeps coming back I should probably try to get it treated. I've successfully overcome it several times, but there in lies the problem. I my triumph over my it band is merely temporary until I do something stupid like run around San Francisco and then do 12 miles on already a little sore legs two weeks after my first marathon. I was thinking though that I've felt this bad during training but then I didn't care because I had a training schedule to stick to. Now I don't so I feel compelled to take it easy and not run as much as and wherever I want to when I feel ouchy. And I suppose I should stop feeling like a defected person because my leg hurts. That would probably help too.

In other news last night I freaked out and thought I had two days to write an ~20 page brief! I was so upset because I just lost track of the time and felt dumb. I wasn't procrastinating as I really wanted to write this and write it well. I even worked last night on it and then got in this morning around 7Am and started cranking out the pages. Around 11 though I got a reprieve. It turns out we just have to file a notice pleading. That means we type up three pages of mostly pre-fab formalities. It's a plug and chug job really. I am so happy! But I took this opportunity to talk to my boss about time-management and organization. I feel these are my 2 biggest weaknesses as an employee and definitely cause me the most pain. You might find this ironic that I say this as I type this post at my desk. However, I feel that an afternoon dump of mainly non-work related thoughts helps me maintain focus. Yes, this is an excuse, but I've thought about it and think it's a legitimate one. So take it or leave it. Heh.

Oh and other than making excuses, I'm still dedicating this month to peace, tranquility, and getting stuff done.

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