Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Little Post-Holiday Lardism

I had a nice lunch hour of sitting on my duff. I've been running at lunch almost everyday so not doing it today makes me feel lardy. Eating too many cookies and PMSing also makes me feel lardy. So I feel very lardy today. I will be running 8 miles tonight with my new running friend *T*. I think we have about nothing in common other than running but he's nice and laughs at me so it's fun to run with him. It's also good for me to have someone to run with after work so I can get runs in in the dark if I have to. I much prefer daylight running but now that my mileage is going back up I'll have to run in the dark at least a couple of days a week.

Speaking of running, just bear with me for a moment while I brag that I ran a 32:54 for 5 miles! My previous best was 34:57 in July and I thought I was psyched to then just to run sub 7min/mi! Although, I got my picture in the paper for that one. This one only gave me a pumpkin pie! Anyway, I completely shocked myself by running so fast (6:35/mile thank you very much!) Some people might find this sadly slow (mrp, maybe) but for me this is blazing fast, especially when I haven't run "fast" in a couple of months. It gives me faith that that cross-country race I ran really was an incredibly slow course and that if it wasn't all ankle deep muddy hills that my time would have been pretty darn fast there too. While I'm running kind of fast I've decided to run a 5k on Saturday just to have a good time so I never have to run another one if I don't want to--I can die happy never running another 5k--especially if I can run under 20 minutes.

Other than that the vet put my cat on anti-depressants and we think she swallowed the pill last night because we haven't found a wad of butter with a little pill inside anywhere in the house and she was smacking her lips after she ran away from me. And I ate way too damn much last weekend and some members of my family are very annoying and some are adoreable (GRAMMA!) and mrp's niece and nephew are also pretty cute and fun to play with and his brother-in-law was hardly annoying at all! And I made pretty good burritos out of leftover turkey, tomatillo salsa, and red potatoes if I do say so myself. So all in all, it was a very nice holiday weekend.

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