Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Am One of Those People

Christmas has once again come and gone. I have to say this might have been the best Christmas I've had since I was little. Sure, it was stressful getting everywhere we were supposed to be on time and I had to spend an inordinant (read: any) amount of time with certain annoying relatives. However, I had a wonderful time with mrp. One night I wrapped and baked while he tinkered. The next day we had much fun with his parents (where we gorged ourselves on delicious salmon and runny banana cream pie and raked in a shop vac and a fabulous fuzzy pink polka-fotted robe respectively) and then at my step-family boozefest (where we gorged ourselves on whiskey and tequila shots and raked in a Lowe's gift card and a 1/2 hour massage and pastries respectively). The rest of the time brought us two toasters and two salad spinners, a cheesy picture frame, a drill and a saw, and some second-hand tchotchkes. We also kept gorging ourselves to the point we were moaning by Sunday night.

I would say that mrp's gift was the pinnacle of the holiday. However, it's not the gift itself--it's the thought and care that went along with it. It's that mrp bestowed on me the first really nice thing, the kind of thing that becomes a family heirloom, on me and that to him I am worth that. And in case I need to say it, although I don't think I do, but overkill be damned! It has nothing to do with the monetary value--whatever that is--it really is all that other fuzzy wonderful thoughtfulness that makes the gift the best gift I've ever received. The fact that the gift sparkles like nothing I've ever seen sparkle before is just icing on the cake!

Sorry to switch gears, but I haven't posted in a while. Anyway, as for running, I am on pace to run 2,275 miles this year. I have a running log on a horrible corporate sponsored site, but I like the log so much and I've consistently used it so I just can't give it up. Anyway, it has all kinds of handy dandy little features like it tracks how many miles I've run each week, month, and year. Anyway, 2,275 sounds pretty cool especially when I started the year off running 30 mpw.

In other running news, I signed up to run the Mardi Gras 1/2 marathon in New Orleans in February. It's a good time for a Boston tune-up and coincidentally a good time to go see my sister. The only thing is that the course is pretty flat and won't be good for preparing me for Boston's rolling course, but it will be good to experience travelling to a race. Other than a 5k or a 5miler here or there, this will probably be my only real tune-up for Boston. I liked the 5, 10, 1/2 a month a part thing I had last summer (5 miler in July, 10 miler in August, and 1/2 marathon in September). Unfortunately, you just can't schedule that kind of thing in or near Cleveland in the winter.

Finally, before I go let me just mention that last night my friend *B* called and left a vm accusing me of being one of those people that doesn't answer her phone after sundown because she's content in a happy relationship and doesn't need anyone else to talk to after hours. Sigh.

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