Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Moon Over My Calfy

Ok, so I was happy until I mangled my leg. What the hell did I do? I kind of feels like I strained my calf at the very top and that it's pulling behind my knee. It is this weird tightness/soreness behind my knee, but on the calf side as opposed to the hamstring side. It is really tight and uncomfortable after I get up after having been parked on my ass for an extended period of time. Once I walk around for a couple minutes it feels better. I first felt it after a slow 6 mile run on the treadmill on Monday. Then I pretty much forgot about it. Then after my run last night it was back--not during just immediately upon stopping. Today when I woke up it sucked and then eased back up throughout the day. I ran pretty much pain free for 6 miles at lunch (I was hyperaware of it so I noticed several twinges of tightness but overall hardly anything). Then again when I stopped there it was. It just freaks me out. I am limping around to walk to the restroom or to get a cup of water. How am I going to do a long run this weekend? And running was going so good!! Damn. The smart thing to do would be to try to get into my sports md asap before continuing to run on it. The obstinate runner thing to do is to just keep running as long as it doesn't hurt while I'm running. This course of action will actually be fine if it's just a slight muscle strain, which is what I'm suspecting since it's tight and only hurts when my leg is straight. If it's something like a meniscus tear or tendon problem I'm pretty much screwed no matter what I do. I guess I'll just keep on running.

In other news there was a gorgeous huge moon last night beaming down on our fair city. Of course when I saw it I chalked the full moon up to this recent rash of happiness I've been experiencing. Of course that's not the case, but it is just the type of joke us ho-hum types like to make. But seriously, it was so gorgeous twinkling on the snowy skyline and I'm still feeling happy--gimpy leg and all.

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