Friday, December 22, 2006

Poor Innocent Bystander Puppy

Ahh, the unproductivity that is the day before a long holiday weekend. I am still realing from some stupid tenant drama this morning. My new tenants decided to get a golden retreiver without telling me. My other tenant told me, so I called out the new tenants who proceeded to be big babies about the whole thing and decided to give the dog back. All I did was request an additional security deposit and lay down some ground rules to keep my investment safe and to keep the peace between tenants. Instead of discussing and negotiating they threw a hissy and copped out. Oh well.

Now I probably get to endure tenant wars. It seems like the new tenants blame the tenants on the other side for "ratting them out" but it's really their fault for not just owning up to it in the first place. Plus, do they really think they could hide a 70 lb dog from me for long? Too bad. I really liked them. If nothing else this gives me cause to start putting the wheels in motion to sell my house. Unfortunately, there are TONS of duplexes in the same town for sale right now and it looks to be nicer ones listed for what mine was listed for 2 years ago. I have to get the facts, crunch some numbers, and think real hard about how much not stressing about this house is worth to me. Right now it's priceless, but I'm getting stingier by the minute. I really feel bad for that poor dog!

In other news, the popliteus is doing well. I've taken a bit of a cut-back week just running 6 miles most days and I'll just do an easy 12 sometime this weekend. Next week I'm ramping it back up hoping to get in 60 (don't worry--easy) miles. Maybe, just maybe, I can get to the track in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I hope y'all have a great christmas or are having a great Chanukkah (luckily for me there is not one right way to spell this!) Mrp and I will be starting our accelerated family immersion plan on Sunday. In the mean time I have to wrap lots of presents, buy a few more more little things, bake a banana cream pie (yummy!), and help my grandma chop vegetables. Woohoo!

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