Monday, December 18, 2006

Queen Willie

Sometimes it's hard being a runner. Today and maybe for the last few days it's been hard for me. The runs themselves haven't been terribly bad but I've just generally felt like doo. I feel kind of stiff all over and have little aches and pains here and there. I'm tired and hungry and thirsty all the time. I also have one actual injury that keeps me from running at all the places I like to run most. I can't even begin to think I could run fast right now. But at the same time I still love it. Even when it's at it's worst I love it. Nothing feels better than finishing up a run that I didn't want to start in the first place. I also feel like pushing through these kinds of rough patches make me much much stronger. Yesterday I ran 16 miles and for the most part I felt kind of blah but I knew that that is just why I NEEDED to run 16 miles yesterday. I needed to push through and get stronger and I feel like I did. Even though I'm not at my best right now I feel confident I can work hard, push through, and achieve my goals and that makes me happy. I still need to find a good group of running friends though. I really think that would help. Soon.

Otherwise, we had a good weekend. We went to two parties and slept WAY in both mornings. The booze cruise was SO unbelievable cheesy with its wood panelled cabin and electric slide playing DJ. The DJ's name was Captain Willie but mrp changed it to Queen Willie. As a woman, I feel a little offended. The people I work with were too behaved though. I wanted some drunken drama!! But, alas, there was none to be had. I avoided the people I can't stand and talked to everyone else and enjoyed the buffet and the bar too.

That's all I got for you now. Running's a little meh lately but life's pretty darn good.

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