Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Unlocking the Secrets of Annoying Relatives

Yesterday I had to travel for work to Chicago. I got to see a factory. It was cool. I took the opportunity to rest my weary popliteus muscle. I headed out during lunch today for 6 miles and felt great!! I have to say the day off did wonders for me. I still felt a little bit of tightness but it was MUCH better than it's felt in a couple of weeks! I am feeling very excited about that!

Not much else interesting going on. I have to wrap a million christmas gifts and get mentally prepared for the familial onslaught that is christmas. Damn, is it going to be family overload. I suppose it's a good thing for the most part. I just have the hardest time with my mom's brother's family and my cousin's wife. Most of the members of that family are one level of annoying, but this chick just pushes all my buttons. She is my sports talking metro-sexual wannabe overly aggressive (read: gay and overcompensating) cousin's high school "sweetheart" who more or less waited him out because she thought to herself, "cha-ching!" All she does at family gatherings is talk about hers or someone else's wedding, house, or kids in the making or kids already made. She's about as multi-dimensional as a sliver of onion skin.

You know, it's funny; these things she talks about that drive me bat-shit-crazy are all things that are important to me. However, there's something about the shamelessness with which she discusses these sacred wonderful things that just bugs. I don't yet know why. I'm working on figuring it out. I think the fact that she boasts about these things bugs me just because it's tacky as shit and that I feel that because I don't and have a black spot of divorce on me others in my family assume these are things I'm not good at and that she is. You know, I think it's that my family believes all the talk and boasting of hers and other members and don't recognize me and my real-deal-put-it-into-actions way about me. My family is so much about perfect happy appearances that I feel less than because I come to the party with my flaws hanging out. Hmm. This makes sense. This is why I always have an overwhelming need to rip on everyone!! I want to expose their flaws too! I hate fakey mcfakeity family BS. I wish that part of my family were more open and honest and let it all hang out. Then it would be more fun.
Ok. I feel kind of embarrassed that somewhere deep down I care so much about what these white bread slices think about me. But, the way to fix it is to first admit it. I feel like I actually resolved something that's bugged me for years. This might actually be a really good christmas!

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