Saturday, December 02, 2006


I need to update my running goals for this training cycle. It's hard to pick just the right goal: not unobtainable but ambitious enough to inspire me to work hard to achieve them. Anyway, after the marathon I made new running goals and I think they were all too conservative. I wanted to break 34 minutes for a five-mile and I have since broken 33 minutes! (Yes, I AM awesome in case you wondering, heh). This morning I also annhilated my previous 5k PR that I set in highschool of 22:03. I ran a 19:42. This might be the biggest breakthrough--mental, anyway--of my adult running career thus far. My 5k time used to be the barometer of my worth as a person back in my teen years. Yes, of course, now I realize how damn pathetic that sort of quantitative self-valuation is. However, to run what seemed like only the times of very very worthy people does make me feel pretty damn good. Besides that, it just demonstrates that with a little hard work I can do all kinds of cool things I doubt I can do.

Ok, onto the new goals. I input my 5k and 5mile times on this handy-dandy magic Mcmillan calculator thingee and I think for a 1/2 I'd like to go under 1:31 and for a 10 mile I'd like to run around a 1:08. As for my new marathon goal I'm going to train for a 3:12 (7:20/mile--4 seconds slower than last summer's half-marathon pace--yikes!). I think the 3:12 is tough but doable. It's kind of funny--last training cycle the Mcmillan calculator predicted my marathon time almost to the second from my 5 mile time (if you put in 34:57 for 5 miles it predicts a 3:25:36--I ran 3:25:38!) and my half-marathon time almost to the second from my 10-mile time (if you put in 1:11:40 for 10 miles it gives you 1:35:11 for a half and I ran a 1:35:11 for the half!). So by this logic, I should run a 3:13:32 in Boston (that's what you get when you enter my 32:54 anyway--if you put in my 5k time I should run a 3:12:03). This is getting just a little to magic-eightbally for my taste. Plus, running talk = boring talk.

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