Friday, January 05, 2007

Accidental Resolution

Normally, when I go to the gym during my lunch hour I keep to myself. I run by myself and then I go stretch by myself and then change and shower by myself (I doubt the powers that be would prefer me to do otherwise--heh) all the while actively avoiding interaction with all but a very few people--mrp, of course being the most notable exception. Well, the other day I was stretching and I took the opportunity to look around the gym. I noticed many new faces of course and I also noticed a lot of the same old faces. Even though it's such a cliche to start working out after new year's I couldn't help feeling glad that so many had taken the opportunity to get off their mushy duffs even if it's only for a week or two. And then I realized that I was missing an opportunity to get to know all these people. I could be using those 15 minutes of stretch time to make friends, offer advice and share stories about running. I could even spin all that niceness into an attempt to network to justify longer workouts--heh. Anyway, so that's how I came up with my resolution to be nicer.

Why are new year's resolutioners so annoying anyway? Haven't most ambitious people resolved at some point to aim for a goal. Maybe it wasn't on New Year's day, but what's the diff? I suppose it's the whole herd mentality. I sound like a angsty teenager, but I hate that sort of falseness that comes with doing whateveryone else is doing. If New Year's resolutions were all about real assertions of will to maximize one's potential I think it's a great thing. On the other hand if it's about doing what your supposed to do because that's just what people do then it's dumb. Wow. Deep.

Sorry. Not much going on today other than work and annoying co-workers who forgot the whole "co" part of the equation who love every chance they can get to make you look bad. Lame. And then I have no idea how the repair job went over at King Asshole tenant's place today. But I really don't care because mrp and I are having margaritas tonight. Ole!

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