Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blogs Are for Bragging

Mrp says I brag on my blog. I said I'd like to get a GPS to track my running stats and he said that I'd just use it to post how awesome I am on my blog. YES, I have a minor problem with using quantitative data to prove my worth as a human being, but I don't see why tracking my running progress on my blog is necessarily bragging. My dear readers, you know better than anyone that along with gleefully recapping events I am proud of I often cop to doing foolish things, making mistakes, and generally messing up. Sigh. It's all about me around here because I write this thing about me. Anyway, I think he said that more as a joke knowing that I know and he knows my problem with quantitative data. It really was kind of funny but it also made me a little self-conscious. I don't want to be a bragger. But I do want to chronicle my life and my progress and set-backs along the way and I am going to continue doing it may way. Maybe that way is a little braggish, but what else can I do when I'm this fabulous? Seriously, I guess once you cop to having a bragging problem it's hard to talk about an achievement without it being seen as bragging. Or perhaps I don't know how to talk about things I am proud of in a way that doesn't sound like bragging. Something to think about.

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Marcus said...

it's not wrong to document oneself's success and progress. In running you also compete and you can be proud of "beating your opponent" once in a while at a local race. Maybe running or sports in general are a way to achieve praises in one's daily life, that you don't get in your job / at work. I run for competing with my friends from the club and it gives me a good feeling when i managed to train 90k of running /week. Why not tell anybody and see their reactions?