Friday, January 19, 2007

Crisis Averted

Last night I did a tempoish workout of 4 x 1mile. I was worried I wouldn't be able to hit my targetted 6:50's but ended up easily coming in at 6:36; 6:40; 6:47; 6:37. I am feeling very happy about that--not because of the time, but really how easy those times felt. Last summer I did the same workout (albeit later in the training cycle) and barely eeked in under 7:10's. Oh, and I locked the keys in the truck--minor detail, heh. I thought poor mrp was going to blow a gasket. He really didn't want to go to ghetto beach park with me last night but I begged and pleaded and finally broke him down. So not only was he not all that stoked to be there in the first place, but he was locked out of his truck in blustery 30 degree weather in shorts! I remembered seeing a cop parked around the corner in a parking lot on our way in so I took off (running, naturally) to see if he was still there. Before I even got around a corner a cop pulled into the park. I waved him down and then he waved back and kept going. "No, moron! I am not saying hello!" I thought. Finally I got him to understand I wanted him to stop. I told him about our predicament and he explained that cops don't do that anymore (presumably because of us lawyers). He said he'd come over to the truck and call AAA for us. So I told him where the truck was and started my run back over to it. When I got there mrp was speaking with him and the cop handed him a screwdriver. Huh? Then I watched as mrp proceeded to unscrew his front license plate and voila! A back-up key. Boyscouts are so damn sexy! So we got in to the truck and fetched the normal everyday key--well, mrp did as I am no longer allowed to touch it. ever. Then poor shivering mrp and I proceeded to warm-up and the rest is a 4 x 1mile workout and a 12 mile easy run respectively in the books.

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