Monday, January 22, 2007


I am convinved that along with lingering politeus and IT band soreness I am now developing plantars fasciitis in my left foot. My heel has been sore every morning for about a week. It's got to be it. It's really not all that bad, but I am deathly afraid of it becoming nasty and chronic and plus I just don't want ANOTHER annoying ache and pain. I am starting the icing regimine tonight and I'm not getting out of bed before stretching my foot. I know it's probably caused by my tight calf. It is very tight around my achilles tendon. If stretching and icing doesn't clear it up in a week I may resort to sleeping with a night splint. I'm nipping this shiznit in the bud no matter how dorky it makes me.

Other than that, we had a nice weekend. We bought the mother of all home paper shredders. It was fun to go to big box office supply stores and raid their promo material to try out all the different kind of shredders. We also bought jet cleaner for our whirlpool bathtub. We went to one of those hottub stores. They are so hilarious. They have all this cheapo stuff that people buy to feel like they're living the "high life." You know, besides the hot tubs, they have pool tables, saunas, bar tables, old-time popcorn makers and even roulette wheels! My cheesy uncle has all that crap in his house (along w/ my aunt's qvc doll collection). I just don't understand the appeal of this stuff (except for maybe a pool table and a hot tub on a cold snowy winter night outside--that sounds rad--oh and I'd like my own pinball machine too). I guess I just don't understand what motivates most people, honestly. I must have an odd sense of taste and style or something. I'm sure the poker table types don't get me. It just seems like there are way more of them than me, especially where I come from and it makes me wonder why they are them and I am me--besides being innately fabulous.

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