Thursday, January 04, 2007

He Showed Me

My tenant is being such a douche. Remember the great dog debacle of 2006? Well, apparently since the big bad landlady was the idiot who violated the lease and took on the responsibility of a huge dog when she wasn't ready the tenant now sees fit to bring forth a litany of complaints about my house. Fortunately for me, that litany is the weakest litany I have ever seen:

Dear Mean Dog-hating Landlady,

First, our toilette does not flush properly. Often times it takes numerous attempts at flushing for complete success. Most embarrassing when you have guests.

Second, in the guest bedroom, you (or someone) attempted to repair two of the floorboards. Well, the repair job stinks. The boards are now recessing as are the surrounding ones. Again, rather embarrassing when you have overnight guests.

Lastly, the kitchen sink has a leak. Are we to repair this or will you dispatch a professional?

Mr. Important

He judged me! He judged me! He said my gorilla glue floor repair job stinks. I am devastated!!! And I can only imagine how embarrassing that might be--especially when one has overnight guests.

I promptly called my step-dad who is conveniently laid off and doing odd-jobs with his plumber brother around town. I advised my tenant that they will be there:

Dear Mr. Important,

I spoke with my handyman last night and he and his partner will be coming by tomorrow morning. You do not need to be there when they arrive.

Mean Dog-hating Landlady

Well, generic utilitarian e-mails be damned! Mr. Important would dig deep and find a way to show me!

Dear Mean Dog-hating Landlady,

Thank you for the update. And yes I will be here as I do not let anyone in the house without my permission.

Mr. Important

Sounds like he'll be at the door waiting with a gun all unibomber or something. I can't wait until I have to be there for some reason and he decides to deny my lawful right of entry into my property. That will be grand! This is what I got myself into to make a buck.

What else. Oh, yes. Yesterday was my first track workout of my Boston training cycle. I am so proud of myself! I ran 4 x 200/200/400 (which translates to 200 meters hard followed by 200 meters easy followed by 200 meters hard followed by 200 meters easy followed by 400 meters hard followed by 400 meters easy and repeat four times. For those of you still scratching your heads, 200 meters is half the distance of the track and 400 meters is a complete loop of a standard track). I ran these at a pace almost 1 minute per mile faster than I ran this workout in March and even July. I feel so improved and proud of myself! I had to promptly go to my chiropractor afterwards though to realign my hips, but I'm getting faster, y'all!

Anyway, work is hectic so I actually have to hop to it. Don't worry. It'll get boring and I'll be back soon.

PS "toilette" hehehehe

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