Friday, January 26, 2007

In the Clouds and Back on the Ground

I'm not sure why but lately I've been interested in tapping into and discovering more about my personal sense of taste and style. I don't mean I want to go buy a bunch of stuff or anything, I just want to understand it and tap into it to make my life more me-ish and happy. I want to express my self more in ways that I don't much now. I want to explore the world more and discover more about myself and the world too. Maybe I am having an existentialist moment. It's friday at 4:54 PM so perhaps I am not doing existentialism any favors with my inarticulateness, but yes, I do feel a little like striving harder to be me. And no, this is no reaction to anything in particular. I think it is just that now I have the luxury to not have to focus on some crisis or another and can devote a little extra energy to this. I don't think it's necessarily as frivilous and self-indulgent as it sounds (does it sound frivolous and self-indulgent? Am I being too self-consious?) I just want to get back on my potential realization train and my personal taste and style is something I need to contemplate right now. I want to understand it and how it relates to the world and how the world relates to it. I want to be me in all my me-ish glory!

Ok, back to earth, I am waiting for mrp to call to let me know what we're doing. A. going to the same old same old Chinese restaurant with friends; B. going to a different (and yummy!) Vietnemese restaurant alone; or C. perhaps going to the Vietnemese restaurant with friends. I honestly don't know which one I'd prefer. If I was just choosing a restaurant I definitely would go Vietnemese. As for company, I am 50/50. I'd like to spend the evening with mrp, but at the same time we are probably due for socialization and he doesn't get to see his friends much. I'll have him to myself tomorrow. I definitely hope it's B or C.

As for my foot (the plantar's fasciitis) I've been icing and stretching and it seems better. It's definitely not worse so that's good. My IT band has mostly behaved too since Tuesday. My butt was a little tight last night, but I think that was playing with the incline on the treadmill. Today was an off day (thank goodness-it would not have been fun as I am horribly crampy, bloated, and tired--ahhh that time of the month again).
Anyway, yeah, I don't know why but I want to get to know me a little better. Maybe it's because I know the struggling me so well and now I want to get to know this very happy contented me.

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