Friday, January 12, 2007


Hey y'all. It's my hundreth post. Woohoo!! Unfortunately all I have to say today is that I've been an unproductive slug all day. I need at least 7 hrs of sleep or else I'm worthless.

I also spent much of the day bugging about my house because the good tenants (not King Asshole/Mr. Important) hadn't yet paid their rent. They take care of my house and I really can't afford to either not have the cash nor have another pain in my ass caused by this house. Although, I was talking to one of my coworkers about it and he knows someone who hired a management company to run his house and he doesn't have to worry about it other than sitting back and collecting the cash (less a fee of course). I'm thinking this is something I need to look into while the market blows and I can't unload the headache.

Hmm. What else. I'm really feeling so much happier these days. I swear it has oodles to do with me settling into a nice stable homelife with my mrp. Having someone loving and wonderful to come home to and to cuddle and who listens and understands and is so darn cute is simply priceless. It is the outlet into which I may plug myself to recharge and be ready for all the great opportunities in the day and all the crap that it might rain down on me too. God, I love that man.

Anyway, I need to wrap it up here. I have no business wasting the company's electricity while I do nothing productive. Plus, I just need to get the heck out of this place and get on with the weekend!

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