Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Playing Stupid

Imagine a whino having to cut-back on the sauce for a week. That's how I felt running just 4 measly miles on Monday and today. It goes by so fast. Geez, why bother. I know that it is good for me to ease up for a week, but it's boring. Ok, yeah, I got to run 10 miles yesterday and I'll do about the same tomorrow, but still. It's hard to cutdown on doing something you love to do. I think the effects are magnified because all my runs this week have been on the woodsway (treadmill). Tomorrow I'm going outside no matter what. My schedule says go to the track but the ice and snow on the ground says maybe this is the week to start the tempo runs. I have this sick desire to wake up tomorrow at 5 and get in 4 mile repeats doing laps around this little sidestreet loop by our house--actually it probably makes more sense to do them at night when it will be a few degrees warmer and I'll be more alert and don't have to rush. Or perhaps I'll do them at lunchtime. See what happens when I don't run enough--I have more time to obsess on my hands.

In other news I am rotting here in my office. I am going stir-crazy working on a brief. I need contact with other humans. Help me! Heh. I'm fine. It's just getting old.

Other than that I am just kind of brain dead from work so I have nothing insightful. Ok. Ok. I give. I guess my problem with the cutback week goes back to the whole all or nothing having to achieve all the time thing. I pride myself on the hardwork I put into running. I pride myself on the AMOUNT of miles I log and on the SPEED of my hard workouts. See, cutting back on running takes away from that sense of accomplishment to the crack addict in me addicted to quantitative bragging points. I need to accept that sometimes to be better and to be healthier and happier in the long run we all need to take it down a notch and it's not wussy or lazy. It's smart.

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