Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Poor Almond Snicker's Bar

I am indulging in an afternoon coffee. Bad, I know. However, I am still very tired from New Years. We went to my boss's house for a party and he surreptitiously kept filling my wine glass. This caused me to a) drink too much and b) become immobilized and powerless to leave for fear of interrupting the story-telling park ranger party guest's stories until 3:30 AM! During the car ride home I found a snickers bar and proceeded to inhale it before passing out and snoring the rest of the ride home. Once home I was about as useful getting myself inside as maybe a brick or perhaps a toaster or any other inanimate object that might come to mind. I recall laying on the living room floor as mrp pleaded with me to roll over so he could take my other precious earring out of my ear. Fast forward a half hour or so and after mrp undressed me from my party clothes and redressed me in an old t-shirt and parked me next to a little garbage can I hurled that snickers bar right on target. Mrp came back in to fetch my offering and I said before passing out again, "Hey does that bag have a hole in it? I think I saw a hole." The next morning mrp relayed his story of having to hose out the garbage can because of the hole in the bag lining it. Poor drunk girl babysitting mrp! Anyway, Monday was a fun day of 4 hours of sleep and being painfully hung over. I needed to run since I ran a hard 18 miles before the party on Sunday, but the terrential downpour and wooziness pretty much made me really happy I included a day off in my schedule. A little shuffling and I could rest my pounding head and still be a good marathoner girl! That was my new year's in a nutshell. I hope 2007 is as mrpily delicious as 2006!

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