Friday, February 09, 2007

And All of a Sudden It Made Sense

Omigod y'all. I'm so hungry. I can't leave for 45 minutes and I feel like I could eat anything right now. Maybe I need a cup of coffee. Hold on...

Ok. I'm back. I've had a few sips and I definitely feel better. Anyway, not much going on here. I am working on so much great stuff at work. Lots o' litigation which makes me happy. It gives me an opportunity to be creative AND rational at the same time. I think that is my real talent in life. I remember sitting in the office of this printing company I worked for when I was 23. I was a college drop out and working overtime so I could get paid time and a half of my pitiful $13/hr salary. For a couple of months at that job I thought I was hot shit for working with models and big new york modeling agencies but for some reason on this evening sitting at my desk and looking at all the model comp cards on the wall I realized right then and there that I was too smart for this crap. It suddenly dawned on me after years of agonizing self-analysis that someone who equally loved calculus and contemporary poetry in college might actually not be a freak. Perhaps I'd make a good lawyer. They have to analyze text and logically apply what they've read. Yes, f* this crap. I'm going to law school. And the rest is history.

Anyway, I am trying to crank out some research so I have my weekend reading all ready to go before I get out of here. Sometime back a month or so ago I wondered if I'd ever regain my passion for "the law." Well, I can't quite say it's passion, but I'm really excited about what I'm doing now. Hooray for that!

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