Friday, February 02, 2007

Chubby Toe, Et Al.

My legs are finally feeling better! Yeah legs! I still have the plantar's achiness every now and then (it's actually in both feet), but it's much better. I did 12 miles with 6 x 1 mile repeats at 6:40ish pace (*brag-o-the-day) on Tuesday on the god-forsaken treadmill after work and when I was finished I had a weird soreness at the top of my left shin. It was pretty tender on Tuesday night and Wednesday, but yesterday it was gone! I love how my legs just like to mess with me from time to time. Last night I did an easy 10 with some .5+ mile inclines thrown in and felt just meh when I was done. But this morning, my legs feel better than they've felt in weeks. My IT band has been pretty much fine. My popliteus muscle is happy again. My piriformis muscles aren't pinchy. My second toe on my right foot is still chubby (since end of November) but my doctor says there's nothing we can do about it even if it's fractured and if it doesn't hurt, so what? I sound like a mess, I realize. But I'm really not. My legs are like whack-a-mole. One little ache and pain pops up in one spot and then I get that to start healing and then another pops up somewhere else. It's normal when you're old and running all the time.

In other news, work has been fun the last few days. I'm writing a brief for my appeal to the courts of generic midwestern state. I love writing briefs especially when I'm arguing against people who are bad writers and make ridiculously illogical arguments. It's challenging yet oh so fun to craft subtle smack downs.

Things on the homefront are good. Last night while starving and rushing to finish dinner I groused at mrp for criticizing me for putting the hot spaghetti pot on the counter and I pouted a little too, but it lead to an interesting conversation as calories seeped back into my blood stream. By bedtime I was happy as a clam (without this cliche I would never have known that clams are a particularly happy animal! I would have said as happy as a squirrel full of nuts in his cheeks and a little squirrel buddy to chase around a tree or perhaps a mole who has once again escaped the fury of the padded mallet, but who am I to question the millions of people who recognize the clam as the happiest of god's creatures? heh.)

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