Monday, February 05, 2007

Hang on Little Junco!

Oh my god, y'all. It's freaking cold! On Saturday morning we flipped on the tube which cheerily informed us it was 7 degrees outside. Rad! So we put on the layers and mrp went his way and I went mine and we came home all frozen with 16-1/2 and 20 miles in the bag respectively (yeah, I'm the wuss in our house). I was supposed to do 10 miles easy, 4 miles at marathon pace and then 2 miles hard (probably at marathon pace, since I'm a wuss like I said before). However, I quickly discovered that right smack dab in the middle of the stretch of roads that I was supposed to do the 4 miles at marathon pace there were long stretches of ice and lots of it. The footing would not be conducive to hard running. So right then and there with 10 miles or so to go I decided to just start pushing the pace every chance I could get. The longest stretch was about 2 miles from about the 9 mile mark to 11. The rest consisted of 5 minutes here, a hill surge there, and after abunch of that I turned the corner for the last half mile to our house and WHAM! I got smacked by 30+ mph winds right in my poor widdle face! It was 7 degrees! That felt like absolute shit. But I pushed through it and just ran straight for the garage to escape the wicked tundra. I got inside and ripped my wet clothes off and cuddled my cat and was just so happy to be out of that crap. Woo. Then the next day I proceeded to run 6.5 miles outside with the same winds and the temps at 5 degrees because I have a stray masochist gene somewhere on my strand.

Other than that mrp and I pretty much stayed cuddled up at home. It was a lovely weekend to stay home and watch the chubby juncos swing on the bird feeder clinging for dear life as the wind whipped across the backyard. It looked like a sandstorm the way the gusty wind would pick up the dry powdery snow and whip it into a dust-devil. It was just the perfect time to get close and have a meta-heart to heart about all things team mrp-ltg. Of course we didn't get all our chores done again and we can't really say we were all that productive in the household sense, but I woke up this monday feeling like we've accomplished alot.

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