Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just a Few More X's on the Calendar to Go

I am starting to feel stir-crazy. I need the spring to come! I have to do my workout on a treadmill tonight and that sounds as appealing as being drawn and quartered. Ok, ok. Maybe I'm exaggerating. But seriously, y'all this treadmill stuff is getting old. I need to vent about it. It's hot in there and the tv channels they have playing stink and the music isn't loud enough to hear and I have to keep my clothes on and I can't blow my nose in the towel because it's at work and time seems like it's standing still. I'll swear 10 minutes went by and I lift the towel only to discover it's been 40 seconds. At the same time I've muscled through two tough workouts on the thing already. I surely can handle one more, right? And after this week the weather is supposed to start getting warmer and daylight savings is coming a month early in about a month so just a little longer now. I can't wait for that first sunny warm spring day when I can be outside without a coat and look up smiling with the sunshining on my face. Springtime always feels so good!

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