Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Since blogs are not supposed to be for bragging I won't tell you that I won my second race ever last weekend. I won't mention that I won the most absurd trophy known to mankind all plastic and marble and shiney and red and bedecked with a picture of chili on it. I also won't mention how it was a really good race for me. I went out hard and at the half mile point felt like crap and then reassured myself that that's normal and that I'll adjust to the pace and within a minute felt fine and just pushed on with an even pace. This is definitely not the forum in which to discuss arriving at the two mile mark only to overtake the lead woman feeling strong and pushing, but not too uncomfortably to the finish to make it in for my second sub-20 minute 5k. The fact that I remained (relatively) comfortable during the last mile is definitely an improvement over the last 5k where some guy, as he was passing me, told me that although I was running well, I needed to relax. I didn't automatically think he was a jerk, I'll have you know. I actually agreed with him and realized how stiff I was. So, I made it a point to focus on not getting all stiff like that and I didn't. And, I am not going to write one word about the fact that I was only 1 second off my pr even though it was cold, windy, snowy, and slippery, or about the godawful hairpin turn occurring smack dab in the middle of the third mile, around which I needed to stop running to navigate. Even though I am very proud of this race and I learned a lot, this is not the place to discuss it.

Ok, I know I just bragged the shit out of that race and I'm sorry about that. But I am proud and I will be able to read this post when I'm an 85 year old barely able to walk and remember the good old days, so there. I do want to write more about my most wonderful weekend which was well, wonderful! But I don't have time. So, you'll just get my bragging about running for now. I'll be back to brag about how wonderful my mrpy is later!

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Petra Long said...

congrats on the win!!