Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She's Back!

This will be quick. I'm tired and still a little under the weather. I was pretty sick for the first half of my visit and then was feeling better by Sunday--just in time for the race. It wasn't my best, but I managed a healthy pr of 1:31:57 (previous pr was 1:35:11). I'm pretty happy with that condidering 8 hours before the race I was doubting I'd even be able to start it. I decided to go for it even though I was still all stuffy in my head and coughing up nasty chunks (can't you see the sad little sick flushed cheeks in my picture? sniff). My lymph nodes weren't as swollen by morning and I felt less tired than I had for the last couple of days. I knew it wouldn't be the best race, but I decided to go for my goal anyway. I was hoping to eek under 1:30. I was on pace for a low 1:30 through mile 7. By that point most of my splits were in the low 6:50's, right where I wanted to be. But we turned around at about 7.5 into the wind. I ducked behind a couple of guys but I think they were running slower. The wind sucked and I was excited to make a turn to get out of it, but once I made the turn it was worse and now the sun was beating down and I was HOT!! Ugh. I ended up slowing down almost 20 seconds for this mile--7:14. I fought a little bit and was able to get the next mile back down to 7:06 but I knew at this point 1:29 was not going to happen. I think besides feeling like I was roasting in a convection oven out in the open sun and wind, I just didn't have the fight. Around mile 11 I calculated that I could get in under 1:32 if I hustled so I managed to drop the pace below 7:00/mile for the last 2 miles and eeked in to third place in 1:31:57. I was simultaneously happy and a little disappointed. Oh well, onward and upward. Next stop Boston!

I had a great visit with my sister. It was so low key and just nice to be with her. We didn't even bicker even when we were both tired, uncomfortable, and starving! Yeah L and K!!! Way to grow up girls. Anyway, I will write more about that tomorrow maybe. Now I have to get dinner on for my mrp! I get to see him very very soon!!!!! I missed him!!!!!!!

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