Tuesday, February 13, 2007

St. Valentine the Enigma

Man. My legs were feeling pretty good last week. But by Sunday afternoon they felt like poo. I ran 20 miles on Sunday and it just wrecked me. My back is a little out of whack, the top of my hips are tight, and most worrisome I have a weird inner thigh pulling achey thing going on. It's not horrendous but I have two races coming up this Saturday and then the following Sunday. I need my legs peppy! I'm slapping my legs right now and telling them to snap to it but I'm afraid it's not working. "Come on guys!" Nope. Not happening. I will take a leisurely jaunt around the urban mall at lunch time and perhaps that will loosen things up. The big question will remain: attempt the long hard workout tonight or not? Of course I will, but I am perfectly ok with bagging it if the going gets ouchy.

Another thing that isn't helping matters is that mrpy has a code in his nose. Poor thing has a head cold. He is so stoic about these things. I didn't even know he actually had a full on cold until two days after he came down with it. I thought he felt like one was coming on but I had no idea he already felt bad. So stealthy that one. Anyway, the problem is is that the congestion makes him snore--really loudly and it doesn't matter how he's positioned. Normally he snores a little while laying on his back. I just ask him to roll over on his side and problem is solved I fall back asleep he falls back asleep and rolls back onto his back and everyone is happy. But this time it's different. The first night I was up all night frustrated and cranky tossing and turning. The second night I ended up muttering four-letter words and mrp got mad and stomped off to the couch. The next night I went to the couch (and woke up in a knot). Last night I ended up frustrated and whiney and mrp ended up slamming the bedroom door and plopping on the couch again. I think I know where I'll be sleeping tonight. It is such a frustrating thing. Mrp thinks I'm mad at him. I'm not. He can't help it. Yet not being able to sleep is horribly frustrating and as an extroverted hothead I end up outwardly emoting about it. Mrp thinks I'm mad and then gets mad at me and I feel worse. There has to be a way to solve this problem that doesn't involve both of us losing valuable sleep or getting mad at each other. We need to set up a guest room in one of our spare bedrooms for times like these. In the meantime, perhaps I'll fire up the air mattress tonight.

But how sad is it that it's the week of valentine's day and we're plotting ways to sleep apart. That makes me sad. I suppose that's part of what makes cohabitating relationships and marriages hard: sometimes pragmatism dictates we must leave the romance behind. It's not cuddly and wonderful all the time especially when things like sleep and nutrition and illness and basic human needs are at stake. I suppose the way to get through it is to accept what practical nonromantic thing needs to be done and remember that it's not some broader statement about the role of romance and lovey stuff in our lives. Maybe it's important more than ever that at times like these we inject a little extra mushiness into our life.

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