Saturday, March 31, 2007

Perception, Reality, and a Cookie

Another good weekend in the bank. On Saturday morning, mrp and I went down to the towpath for our last real long runs before Boston. The plan was to first run 3 x 2 miles at tempo and then finish the 16 miles at an easy pace. I started with a nice and slow 1.5 mile warm-up and then off I went down the path.

There are always a lot of folks on the towpath on any nice weekend morning. Most of those people are taking a nice walk or a slow jog. People act all astonished as I go by at anything faster than my normal long run pace. They have this look on their face, like "what the hell is this chick doing? She's going to hurt herself!" For example, right before the end of my first 2 mile rep I passed this group of middle-aged dudes obviously out for their long easy run of the week. As I passed, they just got out of my way and gave me that look. When I reached the mile marker and turned around for my recovery jog one of them said, "we knew you couldn't be doing any real distance going that fast, heh heh heh." I waved when I passed him on my second set and then again on my third--take that for thinking I'm a wussy girl! The funny thing is that mrp runs his easy long runs about this pace and nobody gives him a second look (unless, like me, they think he's cute--heh). I think I must make my pace look a lot faster than it really is. In the fall I did a goal paced run on this path at 7:50ish pace or so and everyone I passed made some comment about how fast I looked, etc. And then there was the guy in the fitness center who asked mrp if he saw that girl on the treadmill "booking" when in fact I was running 9:06 per mile with a raging chest cold. Maybe it's the wonky arm?

Anyway, enough with the self-analytical tangents, eh? So the rest of the run went swell. After the tempo bits I ran an easy pace--around 8:15-8:00, which felt downright slow--until the last mile where I picked it up to about goal pace for the last half mile. The run was a hard one for sure and I was a little slow walking around the rest of the day but definitely a good one!

Saturday night, after my usual chores I did one of my favorite things. I baked chocolate chip cookies. Yum! One thing I love about long run days--I can eat lots of 'em and not worry about becoming a heifer! Anyway, I love baking on Saturday nights while watching Cops. I know that's weird, but it's something I started doing this Winter and I just love it. Mrp goes and tinkers with his manly tooly stuff downstairs and I putz around baking and eating cookies and fantasizing about law enforcement. What could be better on a Saturday night?!

Sunday morning, we awoke to pouring rain. Ick. Luckily I run with a running group that meets ay 8:30 so I had something to motivate me to get out of bed and get the coffee on. After a cup o' joe, throwing some semi-clean running clothes on and taming my bedhead into a run-worthy ponytail I headed over to the park. There was only one of the people I run with there so we went on our way for our easy 5 miles or so. Unfortunately, even though I talked incessantly about mrp--actually, not just about mrp but my absolute adoration of mrp--I think this guy might have asked me out on a date? It was one of those kinds of invites where the invitor would love it if it became a date but it isn't explicitly a date so that if you call him on it and don't want it to be a date he can say, "Date? Heheheh. That wasn't going to be a date! How silly of you for thinking that!" I have to say that I find it frustrating that being nice and listening and giving advice to a guy that you have no interest in whatsoever and even when that guy knows you're taken and totally happy that way does not deter some men from trying to cross the line from casual running buddy to something I don't even want to entertain the thought of. It puts me in a bad spot and makes me feel like a meany. I'd like my running company with no strings attached, please. Luckily, I definitely won't be running with that group for at least 3 weeks and probably never now. Sigh. At least I have two really great female running friend prospects now.

Later that day, I headed out to try to figure out window treatments. Mrp and I (and probably our neighbors) need curtains for our house, bad. I am so domestically challenged. I don't understand this stuff. Luckily, while I was at the mall I found two fabulous clothing bargains. The first is the perfect classic Audrey Hepburne-esque black shirt dress and the second is a polished and pretty white full skirt that it are both unbelievably adoreable and perfect with my red round toe wedges! You thought you had my Spice Girl persona pegged, didn't you?! Surprise Surprise! I'm not just Sporty, I'm also Posh (minus the scary breast implants and weird Soccer dude husband) (Oh, and sometimes Baby--like when there's a bee flying around my room)! Unfortunately, there is no Interior Decorator Spice, so I need to get to work learning the difference between a roman shade and venetian blinds before mrp and I get arrested for indecent exposure.


Jim said...

Can you fax me a cookie? That photo looks delicious and I'm staaaaarving!

(((((Ok, here comes the finger wagging--you should really do more warm-up and warm-down.)))))

Thanks for the advice, Salty. You are so right, and warm-up is something I usually don't focus on even when I DO have time. I'll definitley work on it - especially for the April 14 race.

GP said...
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GP said...

First, dudes can be scary that way (does not apply to any swell guys reading this) and it puts you in a difficult place -- shouldn't you be free to be your friendly self without the risk of someone reading it the wrong way? Sigh.

I once had to abandon my favorite grocery store for at least 6 months after being too pleasant a tomato picker. It's just a no-win. Next time, just claim you don't speak English ;-)

On the speedy note: I think people get serious running envy when you pass them at anything faster than a sad plod (especially you, you speed demon!). And I'm glad you're representin' the non-wussy girls! You keep kicking butt and taking names.

Finally, I feel your domestically challenged pains. Sure, I can look at a layout or design and tell whether it's nice, but I would never be able to get my stuff together to do it myself. But I can make really great excuses for why my apartment remains sparingly decorated after two years. I guess I'm just a minimalist (although I am lucky: the place came with blinds).

Joe said...

> take that for thinking I'm a wussy girl!

Nelson from The Simpsons: HA-HA!

Ginger Breadman said...

your post is hilarious. I love teaching guys a lesson when they think girls can't run fast. waving as you passed them was awesome!

Papa Louie said...

I promise I won't heckle or tease you if you pass me by on the towpath. I would tip my hat to you and say, great running!