Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blowin' Around

So, I have one day of taper down and I am already feeling stir-crazy! How am I going to manage these next 20 days?! I ran during lunchtime yesterday. On our way home from work it was so nice out and I just wanted to go for a run, but I already ran. I felt kind of let down that I couldn’t get back out there to enjoy the gorgeousness. Plus, I’m feeling all kinds of excited and antsy! Nervous, yes, but more than that I can’t wait to get out there and DO IT! Woohoo!!

Yesterday was HOT and so so sunny and I took the opportunity to cruise on out along the shoreway during my lunch hour. There is a wind turbine next to the Science Center that I like to monitor to determine whether I want to run along the shoreway or turn around and get in the miles through the less windy flats. Sometimes the shoreway can be viciously windy and if it is, it is almost always so on my way back to work. If that’s the case, unless I looked at the turbine I wouldn’t know it was windy until I turned around. If I run a 6 miler, that means I’ll have wind in my face more than 2 miles. This can be rather unpleasant. Strong wind sucks when you’re small. It blows you around like a leaf. Sometimes it knocks one of my legs out from under me or moves me from side to side. When it’s windy like that I kind of wish I had the aerobic engine and strength of a man to drive through it. But I don’t so I let it whip me around and just try my hardest to a) stay upright and b) keep moving forward at least a teensh.

Yesterday, the wind turbine whirly gig thing was going nutso, but it was so warm and sunny and I wanted to avoid the hilly flats if possible to help my recovery from Sunday’s hills along to I pretended I didn’t see it and proceeded along the shoreway to the beacon that is Aviation High School, also known as my 6 mile route turn-around for those playing along at home. I ambled along slowly, oh so slowly on my slightly sore and tight right calf and slightly irritated left plantars fascia. As usual, things untightened within a couple of miles and I felt good, but very slow as I turned around. Uh oh! Man was it windy. It was hot too, so it felt very much like I was running into the mouth of a blow dryer. It wasn’t even a cooling wind. A nice hot slap in the face, it was! I know I’m being overdramatic, but I hate strong headwinds. They are the bain of my runner existence. I rather run in extreme cold, or pouring rain, or through thick mud, or up big hills. Just keep that wind to yourself, weather channel!

Anyway, I trudged along just counting down the seconds to the turn. Finally, after 20 minutes I made the turn out of the wind. It’s up a hill, but that thing ain’t nothing after getting tossed around for 2.25 miles. I’ll take it.

I got back to the fitness center to stretch and mrp showed up after his lunchtime run. We bitched about the wind together and decided that if Boston has a headwind like that we’re dropping out and heading to the first bar we see. We hear there’s a nice biker bar in Framingham.


Jim said...

Be strong, young grasshopper, and don't let your excitement lure you to the dark side of a long or hard training run that your plan does not call for. (Insert Asian-sounding clanging gong here.)

You were up to 60+ miles a week? Holy snap that's impressive. Yeah, I'd say tapering is a good thang.

Joe said...

> But I don’t so I let it whip me
> around and just try my
> hardest to a) stay upright
> and b) keep moving
> forward at least a teensh.

That's the spirit. It reminds of that line from the new Rocky movie: "It ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward".

Joe said...

> I'd comment but I don't
> speak swimmingese. heh.

Hehe, if you don't swim, what do you do for cross training? Cycling? Or do you only run?

Sometimes I wish I could only run and put in the kind of mileage you put in. Alas, my body always seems to break down when I get past about 25 miles a week.

Papa Louie said...

We know you're enjoying the challenge of running in the wind. Fun, fun in the wind.