Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fly Like a Sea Gull

Take two was quite an improvement on take one. It was nice and sunny at the park by the lake, but again it was windy as all heck! Yikes, was it windy again. The sea gulls were even getting tossed around (and those things own the park I swear. We were driving to the parking space and I had to honk the horn for them to get out of the way. Who do they think they are, anyway?). Mrp says it was a little less windy than last time but it still made it super hard to pace the run. C'est la vie, I said. I was wearing shorts and that wind was brrrrrrr cold! So, I got out of the car and just started running. I did a two-lap warm-up and restarted my watch and I was off.

I currently use a watch I bought at Target last year for $12.99. I’ll spend hundreds on running shoes each year, but won’t spend $30 for a watch that records splits. Doesn’t make sense to me either, but that’s just how I operate. Anyway, with the big marathon looming large I decided it’s time I had a watch to record splits. I’ve used mrp’s and I really thought having that data helps. I ordered a fancy one last night, but for my workouts now I have to use the lime green cheap piece of crap so I am not sure what my splits were from the tempo run last night. I do know that I wanted to run the entire thing at 41:30 and I wound up running 41:45 so that’s much better than the 43:10 I ran last week! The split calculating is further complicated by the fact that the loop is only .92 miles long. I just run 6 loops plus ½ a mile and call it 6 miles, but I assess the splits at each loop, so I have to discount the total time. If I want to run the first in 7:10 pace, I have to run the loop in 6:40 pace. The second 2 loops are supposed to be 7:00 pace, which equates to a 6:24 loop time. The fourth, fifth, and sixth are supposed to be 6:50 pace which is a 6:17 loop and then the last half is supposed to be 3:20.

So, I came around the first loop in 6:30, well below pace. The second one, I came in just shy of 13 minutes so I was a little over pace. The third was about 19:30, again a little over pace. The fourth was pretty good—I dropped the pace like I was supposed to and rolled in around 25:50, then the next was just a tad slow in 32:10, and then the last full loop was right on at 38:35 and I fought for that baby! I then turned out of the wind and gunned it hoping to get down to 6:40 pace and hit the halfish mile point at 41:55, but I ended up gunning it down to 6:20 pace coming in at 41:45! Of course, the huge tail wind helped that, but we can just pretend that wasn’t the case, ok?

Unfortunately, with the wind it’s hard to assess the workout. I felt kind of crappy like I was having a hard time catching my breath at times, but I think that has a lot to do with the wind messing up my breathing. I also don’t know to what extent the wind slowed me down or sped me up. I think the overall net effect is to slow me down, but by how much? But pace isn’t the only thing to assess. I am happy that I didn’t fight the wind. I made it a point to relax through it and not push too hard exhausting myself just to save a few seconds. I pretended like each windy stretch was a hill in Boston. As I turned into the wind I reminded myself that it will pass and to just maintain an even pace. I think that part of the workout was very successful. So overall, I give myself a B+. Not spectacular, but well above average.


Jim said...

Way To Go, Blog-friend! Very nice runnage.

Joe said...

For someone who uses a cheap watch, you sure have a lot of time data in that post. Whew! I couldn't keep track. It sounds like you ran 6 miles in 41:45. Is that right? Sheesh, that's really fast! Good job.

Papa Louie said...

OK, then what could you have done to get a A+ rather than a B+? Not too many people can "fly like a sea gull", like you did.

GP said...

B+ or not, I give you an A+ (most educational institutions don't even give those) on your awesome training tips.

I feel like such a wide-eyed novice wandering blindfolded on a running odyssey. And people think it's all about putting one foot in front of the other. Pshaw!