Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Making the Most

My amicus brief is finally done. Well, for the most part, anyway. I am waiting for final comments from the petitioner's lawyer and from my boss (boss's boss, whatever). So, to celebrate I caught up on one of my new favorite blogs http://irong2015.blogspot.com/. The author is new to running and she very smartly and humorously discusses her progress, anxiety, and accomplishments. So many running blogs are: This week I did ran X miles on Monday, 5 x Y on tuesday, Z at W pace on Thursday. Or worse they are just catalogues of how awesome they are. But there are at least a couple that I like that actually give insight into the hobby and talk about how it impacts their greater life and how their greater life impacts running. The other one I really like is http://fastchick.blogspot.com/ although Chelle hasn't updated in a while. She is way more experienced than me so it's fun and inspiring to read about her struggles and accomplishments too. As for my blog becoming a running only blog, it just isn't going to happen. Personally, running to me is not isolated from the rest of me. It's a part of the whole and I like to blog about the whole more than the parts. Plus, I'm lazy and unfocused and I have enough trouble committing to one blog!

But back to running. On Sunday I ran an appallingly slow 16.5 miles or so in shorts in the sunshine. It was only about 35 degrees when I started but it was lovely and springlike! I slogged for a while on lactic acid filled calves until they loosened up and I finished, tired but feeling pretty good. On the cite where I keep my running log now (http://www.running2win.com -- way better than the old corporate sponsored one I used to keep) I can see other people's logs. Sometimes its disconcerting that people run a race and the the next day run a hard 20 miles while I am poking along barely eeking in my bare minimum for a long run. And then the people that run 7:xx pace every single day and still run slower than me in races. What's up with that? It makes me feel inadequate sometimes.

But then there is a very elite runner whose log is there and she sometimes dips into the 8:xx's so she always makes me feel better. She also writes a lot about each run and admits to feeling fatigued or sore or deadlegged too sometimes. Her husband is not an elite runner yet coaches her. I think that's cute. Once she wrote that she has him make out her training schedule because she doesn't have the objectivity to coach herself. I'm thinking that if I do another training cycle after this one that I'll get a coach. Not that that will make me an elite runner--I know that! But it will save me from at least some of my obsessing and mrp harrassing and will give me more confidence that I am making the most out of all the time I spend training. I think I would really enjoy having a coach. As an extrovert (and having a Leo Moon), I like feedback (ok, adoration), you know.

Well, I started talking about work and I suppose I should end talking about it too. Mrp has been feeling very disgruntled about his job. He has big dreams of orchards and tractors and stuff yet he spends his days underappreciated and in a cubicle next to sleeping people who make more money than he does. I wish I could give him the orchard and plenty of money to get started. I too wish I could quit my job and coordinate apple picking excursions and dream up apple recipes for a living. Of course, I would do our orchard business's taxes and tax planning just to make that education I got was worth while.

Coming back to earth, I have to say being able to write that brief was awesome. In some ways it makes the weeks of sheer boredom and questioning my sanity for entering this profession worth it. Although, I always come back to wishing I was doing something more important. I sometimes wish I was dealing with real people and helping them solve their problems instead of dealing with suits and helping them solve the problems of a corporation. A corporation can't smile with gratitude, you know? I feel like I'm a happy person with a lot of useful experience and I'd like to share that for my living. I'd like to help others to be happy even if it's just helping them have fun for a few hours. At the same time, I'm learning a lot about stuff here too. I can make the most of it and mrp can make the most out of his job too, but is this the most for us?

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GP said...

Cheesy as it sounds, I've really smiled with gratitude from the encouragement and advice you've given me! You've become my running Yoda. Although you're far better spoken... or written.

It's really great to hear from someone who not only knows what she's talking about, but is willing to take the time to lend a helping word or story. Especially in this day/age in which it's far more popular for people to scoff at me for wanting to run, race or do anything good for myself.

So, I thank you. You really have helped this real person. And I appreciate it. High five!