Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ossay Can You Yasso

Today the taper madness was inverted. Mrp and I are headed to the track after work, so at lunch time I looked out my window and saw the sun and whined a little to myself that I had to wait to go out there. As a consolation prize I took myself to the fitness center and did a little stretching and ab and hip exercises. I would have given myself a hug too, but people might have thought I was weird.

It also was a bit comforting to remind myself that yesterday my run was so nice (spoiled only a tiny bit when I whacked my knee into the corner of a bench in the locker room, but we'll just ignore that big purple bump and pretend that never happened). It was basically a much more pleasant repeat of Monday’s run—just a nice easy 6 mile recovery along the shoreway, but this time with a breeze instead of the blow dryer. After 16 easy recovery miles over three days I am feeling ready for the mother of all track workouts. Actually, I’m sure many people do much tougher workouts than this one, but for me it’s a mother, since I haven't been to the track in over 2 months.

In case you're wondering, and even if you're not, I am doing those silly Yasso 800’s.* Some people claim they are worthless and a waste of a good workout. However, I think 10 800’s is a perfect workout for me right now. I need a longer harder workout right now to build confidence in both my speed and endurance. I need to get the legs turning over, especially when they’re tired. I need to be comfortable with a little huffing and puffing and maintaining my posture even while fatigued. This workout also is a balance to the slower marathon paced stuff I’ll be doing and will go nicely with the 5k I plan to run the weekend before the marathon, since 3:10 800’s equals the pace of my last two 5ks. 6:20 pace should make my 7:15 marathon pace feel pretty easy and slow. So I’m doing those 10 800’s.

The only thing is today is a bit on the windy side, again! UGH. That’s one thing I don’t like about Spring. Track workouts in the wind can be pretty annoying, although at least you get a break every 200 meters! I’ll bust out my old standby mental wind dealing withy trick of pretending the windy parts are hills. What else can I do? Gotta suck it up and deal with it. Like a wise sage once said, “Fun, fun in the wind!”

PS The title is my homage to GP. I couldn't quite stoop to calling it "Gettin' Jiggy with Yasso," sorry!

*Definition: Yasso 800’s is a workout developed by some coach dude. The workout is 10 x 800 with equal time rest intervals. The trick is to do them at the same time that you expect to complete your marathon. If I want to run a 3:10 marathon, I must be able to complete all 10 Yasso’s in 3:10 (that’s minutes and seconds, rather than hours and minutes—get it?). It’s a strange coincidence that the numbers workout that way, I guess.


Jim said...

Happy Yasso-ing. That's a nice pace you're going to set, he says, dreamily letting his mind wander off to what it would be like.

Joe said...

Wow, training for a 3:10 at Boston. I can only dream...

GP said...

Well, if you're not going to get jiggy wit Yasso...

Wind really is the downside of spring. And without too much to weigh me down, sometimes it gets a little dangerous when the wind thinks it would be fun to pick me up and push me off the sidewalk and into oncoming traffic. Not that that's happened recently. Off the treadmill. But when I worked downtown I'd hit those pockets where private tornadoes hide and it just wasn't fun. Or fair.

Keep kickin' butt out there; you're an inspiration!