Thursday, March 29, 2007

103x Awesomer

As for last night’s wild and windy workout, it went spectacularly well. Mrp and I went to my old high school to run on its track. It is in the perfect location in that it’s about half-way to our house from work. It’s also on the lakeshore, which is nice in that it’s pretty but not nice in that it’s always a bit windier there than it would be at a more inland location. But last night it was windy no matter where you went so an extra couple of mph tacked on a gust wasn’t going to make a difference.

Anyway, the first 800 went by in a perfect 3:10—right on the nose. I always feel gangly and stiff and out of rhythm on my first track workout rep. This was no different. Of all my reps this felt the most difficult. After my 3:10 second rest, I did the next 800 in seemingly the same effort in 3:06. Other than one 3:09 in there the rest were 3:06 – 3:04 with the last one in 3:01. I felt great. I was definitely tired by the last couple, but I really made myself conscious of the tired feeling and conscious of the way it felt to push through it. For each rep I assigned a 2.6 mile stretch of Boston. For the last two, it was the 5 mile home stretch and I really tried to picture and feel finishing tired but strong. My high was quickly diminished as mrp lapped me on the cool down though—heh! I didn’t feel like I was going THAT slow. I was definitely putzing, but man! That was harsh! Heh. In my defense, it took him 6 laps to do it, so that’s got to be worth something, right?

I expressed how pleased I was with the workout to mrp who was quick to scold me for running it too hard. Other than the last 800 I didn’t really push it that hard. And for the record, mrp said to make the last one count as I passed him on that one, so there! The wind did make it a bit tough to pace—I would come out of the windy backstretch maybe overcompensating a bit. This was my last real hard workout so I wanted to give it my best, and I feel like I did.

This morning mrp did put his warning in a broader context and really brought to light an important point, one stuck somewhere in a fold of my brain that I am grateful to him for prying out.


You have a nice day.

And be careful with your running. Do not run too fast. I know how fun it is when you can run easy and fast. The WOO HOO rush is awesome. But now is the most critical time to stick to the plan. There is very little you can do now to help your marathon time. There is more you can do to hurt your marathon time. Stick to the plan because the WOO HOO rush at Boston mile #25 in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering fans is an estimated 103x awesomer.

The Salty One:

Thank you for the sage advice, mrpy-san. I take it to heart.

There will be no woohoo today--just 6 9 minute ho hum miles and no worries. Tomorrow will also contain 6 maybe 8:40 ho hum miles and so will the next day after that. There is no more WOOHOO Cleveland awesome for this training cycle--all my WOOHOO awesome is being stored to be unleashed to the masses crowding Boyleston street. Every time I think of tapping into to a little WOOHOO before Boston, I will check myself and remember I'm saving it all up for that moment. Thanks for the reminder!


Papa Louie said...

Woo Hoo! So exciting to hear that we will experience something that is 103x awesomer!

Joe said...

> with the last one in 3:01

Okay, now you are going to do a 3:01 in Boston! I'm holding you to it! WOO HOO!

GP said...

Darn it! I was going to donate my own WOO HOO for you to use at your leisure between now and Boston, but they both beat me to it.

Running by the lake is nice... but considerably colder this time of year. It has always amazed me how quickly the temps drop as you inch closer and closer to the shore.

How many days left until Boston?

Jim said...

Great advice to save the WOO HOOs for Boston (and the Yoo Hoos, Coronoas, and Guinness for AFTER Boston).

Might I suggest, instead, an occasional YOWZA!,YEE HAW!, PSYCHE!, or GOLLY THIS FEELS PARTICULARLY GOOD! as a motivating exclamation?

Way nice half-miles session.

GP said...

You're going to have some serious competition in Boston. Build your Woo Hoo power, girl!