Thursday, March 08, 2007

Zen and the Art of Dodging Potholes

Soooooooo. Looks like Mercury is slowly starting to behave. Last night I found the check with just a few scoops into last weeks garbage. And yes, it was YUM just as I predicted yesterday! I also decided to run the race this weekend. I need to come downtown to work anyway on Saturday so I might as well start off the day running a really hard five miles on pot-holey roads and up a ridiculous amount of hills. Since I decided to run the race, I bagged todays scheduled long tempo workout and did a fastish easy run and checked out the beginning and ending hills of the race. The race will finish up a beauty of a hill. I ran up it twice today and feel like it is now my buddy. I will look forward to the lactic acid dump that it will give me on Saturday. I am actually less worried about that than I am about the messed up roads and weird bridges we have to run over. I'm all wussy and worried about twisting an ankle or something.

But yeah, I'm actually kind of excited about it. I thought it over and I honestly don't care that much about my time. I am more interested to run up the hills fatigued and to concentrate on not going out to fast on the downhill start (just like I'll have to do in Boston). I am just going to show up and run. Whatever happens happens. This is not an important race at all, so if it sucks--who cares?! If I ran 8:00/mile I wouldn't doubt my ability to meet my goal in Boston because everything else about my training and recent racing experience says I can meet my goal. If it sucks. It just sucks. It's one day in a long running career and one unimportant race of many. But hey, if I rock it, that's cool too!

Other than that I have to go because I still have to write loads.


GP said...

Great to hear you'll be running this weekend!

Have a great race. And look out for those potholes. I think that final hill is a brick road, and those are always smooth with... ridged edges, broken pieces, dips, holes, chips and dangerous pieces. I don’t feel paranoid at all.

Kris said...

Way to go! I bet you did great at the race. I am glad to see another Cleveland blogger.