Monday, April 30, 2007

Frustration, Temptation, and Tomorrow, Acceleration!

I couldn't run at lunch today because I had to push paper. Blah. I HAD to get something in today's mail for work and I was afraid that if I didn't babysit it, stuff wouldn't get done in time. I will still go after work and I'll be able to run at the park on the trails rather than the downtown streets so it's actually kind of a good thing. Although it's only 4 measly miles. Blah take 2.

I have to say I miss running. I hate this low mileage thing I'm doing right now. In my spare mind time I have been busy plotting some way to sneak in more miles or mile equivalents into my schedule. Do you think it's cheating the marathon recovery, prior training soaking in thing to jazzercise? Ok, you're right. I surely would hurt myself if there has even been a jazzercise class in town since 1983. How about elliptical for 1/2 an hour after my easy shorter runs? Probably cheating. How about a 2x weekly pilates class? That should be ok, right? But then I have to do things on someone else's time table. I hate working out in a gym, anyway. I like running. I like being almost 32 and running through mud puddles on a daily basis. I'm just not a stairmasterer. I suppose I should take comfort in knowing that my mileage will go back up again soon.

Anyway, I should know better. After Columbus I ramped back up to the mid-50's within just a couple of weeks and of course I struggled with some nagging minor injuries for months afterward. See, this is why I need a coach--insurance against me doing stupid things. It's not assurance, just insurance. I can still not heed his advice. I can rebel or cheat. I still have complete freedom, but having a coach is like giving the little angel on my shoulder a megaphone to drown out the little devil's voice.
At least tomorrow I get to mix in some speedy stuff. Hooray!


DaisyDuc said...

Oh I can imagine it must be tough for you! I suppose you must try to enjoy this extra time some how and come up with a few light activities that you may enjoy!

Oh and in answer to your question, my marathon goal is a BQ this time around.

GP said...

First: I was really relieved to hear that you found your jeans. I've become notorious for being certain I know when and where I left something valuable and having it show up wherever I least expect it. Plus, it's such a good feeling to have not lost something for a change.

Congrats on hiring a coach. I can only imagine how much more stellar you're going to be. And that coach must be pumped that s/he has such talent with which to work.

I'm off to Portland tomorrow... and I'm looking forward to some fun runs in a new place. But I'll be sure to run with a phone and a map. I may start blogging for directions away from Mt. Hood.

While I'm traveling, however, I plan on looking at some upcoming races. Do you have any races (other than NY) on your plate? I'd like to actually go back to last Saturday and try that one again, but my time machine isn't working. Oh well.

Joe said...

If you can turn me into a good runner, I can turn you into a good swimmer. Swimming is the yin to running's yang.

Jim said...

Be strong, young one. Maybe you can distract yourself during all ths free time by remodeling a room in hour house, baking cookies for the homeless, mowing my lawn. (Thought I'd just sneak that last one in there to see if you noticed.)