Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Curious, No Other Reason

Anybody have any good strategies for running a marathon straight into the driving wind and cold rain of a Nor'easter?


Jim said...

Tuck in right behind a wide, fat guy. Guranteed to break the wind for you, but hopefully not break wind,ewwwwwwwwww!

GP said...

I'm trying, trying, trying to negotiate some good weather for you. We might have to settle for just decent.

Other than that: have any raingear?

I've been waiting for Joe to chime in (because he knows rain), but I think he has the allergies-turned-flu too!

Papa Louie said...

what? i thought it'll be on our backs? ah, we'll have fun anyway. it can't be worse than what we've already had this past winter.

Ginger Breadman said...

1. Run the course backwards.
2. Sneak a scooter under your shirt.
3. Wear those 'wheelie' shoes that all the kids are into.
4. Bring a motorized kite.
5. Run hunched over so your head breaks the wind.
6. What jim said.
7. Go like hell!

I'm not so worried about the race itself, but that 45 minutes after you're supposed to check your sweats, then wander down to the starting corral. All the runners will turn blue before it starts.

Jim said...

When are you taking off for Boston? I wanted to make sure that I sent one last BEST WISHES! message.

I really hope the weather is not too bad Monday. If it is, I hope you will not get too frustrated if it prevents you - and EVERY other runner - from reaching a PR.

Just know that whatever time you run, there are many folks out there who are incredibly impressed with your talent and dedication.


Joe said...

Like Jim said, just try to tuck in behind some big man. Good luck in the race! Watch Saint Ralph the night before!

GP said...

All the best to you and mrp on Monday. I hope you have a very nice trip and an even better marathon. Boston rocks.

Have you realized that you're running the Boston Marathon? That's flippin' fantastic!

GP said...

One more WOO-HOO before you go...! Pack it in your carry-on.

Chelle said...

1. the wind could be at your back the whole time, wouldn't THAT be nice?

2. Plastic garbage bag as rain gear at the won't be the only one and it will keep you warm

3. body glide anywhere and everywhere...rain leads to chafing, ouch!

4. what's a little rain? ppfft, you won't melt.

Have fun and stay's a great adventure no matter what the weather...I'll be watching online!