Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Last Supper(s)

We flew into Boston on Saturday afternoon. When we arrived the weather was a crisp, sunny 45 and no breeze in sight. No hint of Nor’easter. After cabbing it to the hotel and checking in and stuff we headed a few blocks to a T stop and headed for the North End to get some carbs. We decided to walk a few blocks in and then turn off of Hanover St to find something a little quieter and out of the way. We ended up walking the tiniest bit of the Freedom Train and next to the little cemetery and then down to Salem St where we decided on a little restaurant called L’Osteria. Not only was the gnocchi superb but we even spotted Madai Perez at the table next to us—she came in 3rd and ran an awesome race. That was pretty cool. After mrp and I finished order #3 of gnocchi (pigs, I know!) we headed over to Mike’s Pastries just to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, we were too afraid to eat cannolies so we settled for chocolate chip cookies that were just ok. Although by now we were more than satisfied with our carb intake for the day, all I can say is next time I’m getting a cannoli!

We headed back on the T and then stopped at a grocery store on our way back to our hotel. Judging from this experience, I would HATE to live in Boston. Not only were the Wheaties 6 bucks! But the line to checkout was 6 miles long! Ok, I exaggerate, but seriously, we waited for ½ an hour (in the express lane no less) to check out! Although, I can’t say we weren’t entertained. The lady behind us was a bit cuckoo nutty (tm mrp). Not only did she have three bags of piping hot fried chicken in her cart but she also had a jumbo pack of tp. But that’s not all! First she’d stand on one side of the cart and say “who put this chicken in my cart?” Then she’d walk to the other side of the cart and say “It’s hard…” Then she’d walk back to the other side of the cart. “I know there’s something in here for $8.99.” And then she’d walk back to the other side of the cart. “It’s hard…” When we finally reached the cashier she closed her line. She said to the cuckoo lady, “excuse me ma’am, can you tell the man behind you that I’m closed?” Cuckoo lady responded, “why you closing after me? Why you closing after me? You can’t check this man out too?” The opportunity this created was not lost on the man behind cuckoo lady who proceeded to pretend he didn’t speak English and raised two cans of condensed milk as if that’s all he had, but behind him he had not one, but two full carts—in the express lane! Poor cashier. I wonder if she ever made it home!

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed out for our last pre-race easy run. The Nor’easter hadn’t really hit yet—there was just a light misty rain and was actually kind of warm still. We ran easy for 3 miles up Mass Ave just a little past Boyelston. I felt pretty good and was getting pretty excited. Afterwards, we headed to the expo. By now the rain had picked up, but we were not deterred! We picked up our numbers and then our packets (thanks to the volunteer who wrote “good luck :)” on mine!). We headed into the real expo and navigated through the crowds picking up samples of stuff here or there. I especially appreciated the chocolate soy milk—yum, hit the spot! Mrp and I even took a picture together. Normally we are so averse to that “cheesy crap” but I think we both realize how cool it is that we can do these things together now and want to savor it and to have something to remember these wonderful times when we’re old together. I can’t wait to dig through our boxes of running momentos when we’re 95 and telling our grandkids about the Nor’easter of 2007. Anyway, I’m back from the daydream and back on track. Yes, we’re was I? Ok. So after the expo we headed for food, naturally! We went to Legal Seafood and ordered French toast. Wrong, just wrong, I know, but we were desperate and afraid of shellfish, as we should be the day before a marathon. We gobbled it up and then headed back to Fort MrpLtg for our afternoon nap.

After napping and then checking the weather online 50 times we headed back out to…to…come on now, you know what we did. We went out to eat! It was about 4:00 so we totally beat the crowds to the North End for pasta. We each had a huge portion of carbs and then headed back to camp. We got back and checked the weather again, but only 20 times this time. Then we fretted about what to wear while we listened to the rain pelting the hotel and the wind whistling through our windows. We got all our gear organized and then laid around watching tv until we were finally wound down enough to sleep a bit. I dreamed of surfing down Comm Avenue….


Papa Louie said...

I love the entertainment at the market.
By the time we made it to the expo they only had vanilla soy milk. I even asked if there were any chocolate left.
Was the dream a nightmare?

Joe said...

> After mrp and I finished
> order #3 of gnocchi
> (pigs, I know!)

Pigs, indeed! But I guess you needed the calories for the big race.

> The lady behind us was
> a bit cuckoo nutty

She IS nuts. Was she in the race too?

GP said...

Mmm, gnocchi. I think it might be worth three orders for me to run a marathon. But maybe it should be the other way around?

It's so funny: you went to restaurant I was going to recommend for some good carbs (but then I realized that you were writing a running blog and not looking for a trip planner ;-) and I'm glad you found yourself a good source of energy.

Between that, your top-notch running and the Wellesley girls, what more could you ask for in the Boston Marathon? Sure, maybe you could have had some weather that didn't make international news, but we can't get picky now. Hee hee.

I've said it several times already, but big high five for running the Boston Marathon. It's just been awesome blog-following your training and reading about the experience.