Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Long Way Through Central Park

Should I do 8 x 400's, 2 x 1 mile at 10k pace, or 2 miles @ goal pace? Should I run on the roads or at the park? Should I revise this letter or just send it out as is? Do I really want to train for another marathon? Why do I keep eating those pretzels? What's a form 8594? Why hasn't Tyra booted Whitney off yet? What should I make for dinner? Is that an E next to the windspeed on Monday's forecast? Where is our hotel again? Do you think I need ritalin?

The taper madness continues. I am having trouble concentrating on one task. When I get nervous I start planning and organizing (well, for me anyway) and trying to create structure in my life. If I were the owner of the terrarium in which I reside, I would laugh at my obvious and futile shenanigans. Today, this is all manifesting in me plotting and planning my life post-Boston. What's next?

I know I want to give the marathon one last go around. I do feel like there are other things I'd like to direct the attention I currently direct to running to, but as my dear friend *B* said, "You aren't getting any younger and if you want to do the running thing, and really do it, now is your time." She also said a bunch of stuff about how you can't really run fast when you're a baby-filled beach ball, but I'll spare you that. As a woman of a certain age in a wonderful relationship with the man who has to have the most potential to earn the world's biggest world's greatest dad trophy of anyone I have ever known, I don't see serious marathon training in my long-term forecast. That's not to say I wouldn't do it forever if I could, but that just isn't my reality. I am perfectly happy to some day hang up my racing flats, just as I was happy to walk away from academia after my time there. Someday maybe I'll go back, but if I never do, that's ok too. I had my time.

But getting back to the point, I'd like to give it one last shot. Mrp and I have been going back and forth between Chicago and New York, New York and Chicago. I was thinking Chicago might be nice because the course is so flat and fast. Plus, Chicago is a really great city within easy driving distance of Cleveland. But, besides giving me an extra month to train, I think New York is the one. You all probably know I lived in New York City for 9 months to go to school last year, but I also lived there in my very early 20's for a few years. I went there for college and ended up dropping out and just hanging out, getting by nannying and working other odd jobs. About 10 years ago I was walking to catch the N train to Astoria, Queens from one of my babysitting jobs on the Upper Westside. It was a beautiful late fall day so I decided to take the long way through Central Park. I stumbled right into the finish area of the New York marathon. Back then I was admittedly a bit of a party girl, so running really didn't fit the lifestyle. But someday it would, I just knew it. There is something full circle about me running the New York Marathon that I just can't pass up.


GP said...

You're not going to get a neutral word (not that you were polling) from me because I heart New York. And if I ever make it to a marathon, that should be the one I choose.

Besides, maybe Lance Armstrong will show up again this year. Considering your speed, you could run right by him, wave and say something smarmy like, "Not like the French Alps, is it?" Plus, what's not to love about fall in New York?

Joe said...

Do New York, if you must, but one of these days, one of you American running bloggers must come to the Vancouver marathon. Why? Because Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world! Oh ya, and also because it is the home of Yours Truly.

Chelle said...

You really have to do New York, even if just once...it really is unlike any other marathon. I find it to be a more difficult course than many, but it's truly and experience.

And never say never as far as running in the future...some women get really fast after they have a baby :)

Jim said...

Chelle is right - I've known plenty of moms who are competitive runners. Of course, being a mom is a huuuuge time committment, but with a supportive hubby you work out a schedule that wroks for both of you.

As for your antsy-ness about not running much during your taper: I read that when the Norwegian XC Ski Team is having a rest day or needs to take it easy, they stay in bed and watch TV - ALL DAY! Hey, if THEY can earn gold medals watching America's Next Top Model, why I'll bet you can too!

Papa Louie said...

I think New York is next on my list of to do's. Go for it.