Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lost and Found

Well, I broke down and hired a coach. I figure if I'm going to do this running thing I might as well do it right. Plus, I tend to obsess and micromanage my training so having someone else do that for me should free my mind up enough to do other things like blog! or work at work, which is always a good thing--heh.

Anyway, what a difference a couple of days makes. My legs were feeling heavy, crusty, and down right slow for most of my short little 4 mile runs since the marathon. But today, my coach permitted me to do a "long" run of about 8 miles. I felt spectacular! I was zipping through the woods on the muddy trails just loving up every minute of that run! WOW! I even felt good enough to pick it up the last 10 minutes as was my option to do and just felt so wonderful. I haven't felt like that in a long long time. Woohoo!

Along these same lines, I felt so poopy after I got home from Chicago on Thursday night. I was just so wiped out from travelling and having to be "on" just about every hour that I was there. Normally, I just waste away by myself in my office reading, writing, and wasting time, but when I travel I have to actually interact with other people and not embarrass myself, which takes a surprisingly (or not surpringly) huge amount of energy. Getting back to Thursday, I was just so zonked. I stopped off and ran 4 measly miles around the park on my way home from the airport. I arrived here around 7 and hung with mrp for a while. Then right before bed I looked for something to wear on Friday. Knowing it was a jeans day and feeling like I might need extra casual I looked for my new jeans. These aren't just any jeans, they're way overpriced fancy designer jeans that I spent way too much on but was peer pressured into buying them by my sister. I even got these babies tailored to fit my exceedingly average 5'4" frame. I spent a sick amount of money on these jeans. I looked in my closet on the hangers. Nope. I looked in the other closet on the floor. Nope. I looked in my suitcase. Nope. Hmmm. When was the last time I had them? Boston. I wore them home, right? SH*T! I just knew they were left hanging in the hotel closet and were now on the body of a housekeeper's teenage daughter or about to be shipped off after being purchased on e-bay for half of what I paid for them. ARGH!!!!!!! After years of coveting such articles of clothing I was finally in a position in life to purchase such a thing and actually did and then... in a blink of an eye...G-O-N-E. i called the hotel, just in case but they didn't have them. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

So on Friday I wore my well-worn shrunken and faded black pants and my favorite green cashmere turtleneck (that I bought on sale) which was as comfy but less stylish than what I had hoped to be wearing. I managed to leave my office key at home and spill coffee all over myself. Not a good start to the day. I was sitting in my office moping and my boss popped in and asked if I was ready for my year end review. "Um, isn't it early?" I asked. "Yes, but it's ready now." He answered. "Oh, great" I thought. At this point, the immediate history to this event would dictate I was about to be fired. I sucked it up and went over to his office. Well, I'll have you know I left with a promotion and a substantial raise! I was shocked! I had absolutely no idea that was coming, but since it's here I'll take it. Woohoo!

Mrp recently had a big promo + raise himself so we went out to dinner to celebrate on Friday night. We had a wonderful time. Truly wonderful. Mmmmm. Yesterday, was lovely too. We had a lazy morning and then went outlet shopping to finally get some pants for that fit mrp's lanky 6'2" frame. 32" inseam ain't going to cut it while I'm the boss in this town. Floods are not becoming. We found some nice things for him and then I stumbled on adidas adizero racing flats for $35! Can't beat that. Last night I did my usual cops and cookies thing.

Anyway, mrp just left for his parents and I'm here straightening up before running over to my parents' house for a few minutes. I was walking by a laundry basket with a wadded up blanket in it and on a whim I took it out and wouldn't you know it--my jeans tumbled out onto the floor.


Jim said...

Great story about the sisterhood of the turned-out-to-be not travelling pants.

I look forward to reading about your coach and what he/she is having you do, and how that differs from what you would have done on your own.

How did you decide on this particular coach?

Joe said...

> Well, I broke down and hired a coach.

I want a coach too. Does he do any pro bono work?

> I left with a promotion and a
> substantial raise!

Congrats! I guess you'll have no problems paying that fancy new coach!

> mrp's lanky 6'2" frame.

You like those tall guys huh? At 5'4", do you have to contort your neck to give him a hug? (BTW, I'm 6'2" also! It's a good height!)

I'm glad you found your jeans.

Ginger Breadman said...

congrats on the promo and raise! It'll be interesting to hear the workouts your coach has you do. Your pants story is hilarious. We came home from Boston missing both or our swimsuits - which, ironically, we never wore, and never took out of our luggage - hmmm . . .