Friday, April 06, 2007


This is a bit of a metapost. As you can probably tell, I am slowly remodeling my blog. It started off as a private thing and most posts were not about running--in fact, they were either about my goo goo ga ga love for my boyfriend mrp, or how hard my transition from school in New York City back to life in Cleveland, Ohio was. However, over time the posts became more about running and much less about this other stuff. I am pretty much done adjusting and I still love mrp to pieces so no need to continue blubbering on about it now, is there?! In the meantime, I was training for my very first marathon and as I needed to vent that other stuff less and less I found myself writing more and more about my running. I also found myself reading a lot of running blogs and realized that I learned a lot from other people. It occurred to me that maybe some other people could learn a lot from me--or laugh at me and that's ok too.

Anyway, to that end I figured there's no need to hide who I am anymore so I'm coming out from my Aruban hiding spot and back to beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. I've updated my profile, added an e-mail address, and linked my running log. I've linked a bunch of great blogs that I enjoy reading and added a few links to some posts from the past you might enjoy.

Mrp and I are off of work today and I am busy cleaning--yes, this messiest of ladies does that sometimes. I even made a list of chores. I know! Who is this person?!


Jim said...

Welcome, New Salty! Although the old one was pretty cool, too.

Are you doing a 5K race tomorrow? (Or am I imagining things?)

If so....Good Luck - I can't wait to read about it and get all jealous about your time.

Papa Louie said...

Welcome to beautiful Cleveland. You gotta love the weather, though.

GP said...

It's great of you to join us! And it's also great to know that someone else digs Dinosaur Jr. too!

Joe said...

Thanks for coming out of hiding! I enjoy reading your blog and I have already learned a lot about elite running (yes, I consider you to be elite) in the short time I have been reading your blog.

BTW, I think you got my address wrong on your sidebar. You have it as That is some Cyboc impostor. My address is actually I'm CyboC with a C, NOT CyboK with a K. My blog's name is "See Joe Run. See Joe Swim".