Thursday, May 03, 2007

But Officer

Well, I'll have you know that the new improved patient Salty* had a wonderful tempo run today! I felt as light and airy as Ralph Macchio standing on a stump balancing on one leg.

I was instructed to run a 3 mile slow tempo (around 1 minute slower than current 5k fitness--for me, about 7:15). And I'm sure you've figured out what the weather was like. As with every single tempo run I've ever done in my life, it was windy as heck out there! However, it wasn't too too horrible since I started into the wind. After my 2 miles easy, I was off pushing through that thick lakefront wind. I felt comfortable despite it and hit the first mile in 7:19. After that I started taking .5 mile splits. The next half was 3:36. Then I turned around and now ran with the wind. The next half was 3:26 incuding the turnaround. I felt like I was putting in the same effort and I felt comfortable so I just rolled with it. The next mile I ran perfectly even 3:20 splits and rolled in with a 6:40. It really freaks me out how easy this felt. Of course it wasn't easy easy, but it didn't feel particularly hard--I never had a negative feeling or felt lactic build-up or huffed and puffed. I just plugged along and felt great! I even briefly thought, "hmmmm, maybe I can run 6:40's for a half in a couple of weeks..."

Even though this was a harder run, and Tuesday was a harder run I want to clarify that I'm running really easy 3-4 milers on the other days (9:00-8:30 pace for the most part)--that's it. I'm running about half the mileage I was running a few weeks before Boston. I also want to clarify that I probably ran this tempo run harder than I should have even if it felt comfortable and I ran a even effort. Even with a 25 mph tailwind, I doubt I could run a 17:35 5k right now! I'll get back to you in a couple of days and let you know if I get busted for speeding.

In other news, I still have every intention to write about the positive side of Boston. I finally feel like I'm done moping about it and I do think it's important for me to get that side of the experience on virtual paper, too. The thoughts are swirling around in my brain and they'll probably be clamoring to be let out very soon. Just not quite yet.

*I must note here that I never in my wildest imagination imagined myself with an alter-ego let alone refer to that alter-ego in the third person! Blogging sure does strange things to a girl.


Jim said...

Nice running Salty. It's cool knowing that one can still get a quality workout - if done right - with just 3 miles. I LOVE having a coach!

Ginger Breadman said...

That's awesome that you felt so good on your tempo - even with the wind. My word of caution (and I know I'm not you, just speakin' my mind . . ) BE CAREFUL! Listen to the coach. Trust the coach. The coach is a coach for a reason. I'm only saying it 'cause that's how I got injured. It felt great to run fast, but I did it too many times too often - even though it still felt good while I was doing it. Think - less is more - let your body recover while it's fine-tuning. If you ever don't think you're doing enough, check out some of e-speed's workouts - she does a lot of great quality and cross-training - but limited mileage, with amazing results. Overtraining is overrated. Okay, I'll get off my high horse - I'd just hate to see you get overzealous and get injured. (or get in trouble for speeding :)

Ginger Breadman said...
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Joe said...

> In other news, I still have every
> intention to write about the
> positive side of Boston.

What are you talking about? Your original race report was full of positive, uplifting and inspirational writing! It really got me excited about my upcoming race.