Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Half Calf

Note to self: next time, run a little in those racing flats before wearing them in a half-marathon. My poor little left calf muscle is not so happy. It's cheering up, but boy was it tight after the race. After just running 7 easy miles in them, I wore my new racing flats on Sunday which are very low to the ground. My poor lower leg had to stretch more than it's used to every time my heel hit the ground. It's really the only hold out. The rest of me feels pretty good. I was a little worried that after the half I might be broken because maybe I'm still not fully recovered from Boston. I will say I feel a little more beat up after this half than ones I've run in the past, but not too bad. It's mostly due to the shoes--well, my bright idea to wear the shoes, anyway.

Since Sunday, I ran an easy 5 miles--ok, painfully slow and limpy 5 miles --on Monday. I was under strict orders to take a day off on Tuesday. That was my first day off in a month and I can't say I was complaining, especially since my calf probably wouldn't have let me run anyway! This morning, I ran another super easy 5 miles. My calf was super tight at first, but by the end it was better. It feels a lot better now. We'll see how it's doing in a little while when I go for my short and easy PM run.

In other news, I am hanging in this cloud of YEAH! since the race. Really. I am so happy about it. I think it's because I had two big disappointments this Spring that it makes a great race feel extra extra special.

It also has me thinking that maybe full marathons aren't for me. All that prep, all the hassle, all the recovery time and if the race goes bad--YUCK! But if it goes well, it really is pretty awesome. Yeah, I'll probably give it another go.


Joe said...

You know, I was thinking about sending you an email the other day to ask you if you ever get injured...and then I saw this blog post. I guess you are human. Maybe not as human as the rest of us, mind you.

I hope your calf heals soon. I want to keep you up on my hero pedestal!

Papa Louie said...

I think shoes are over rated and if possible I would run barefoot. When I run barefoot I do not get aches & pains probably because the foot lands differnt when barefoot.
Anyway give the calf some rest and I hope it heals soon.
Yeah, and I'll probably give the marathon another go too.